IKEA Besta storage combination with customized doors

IKEA's Besta storage series is one of their most beloved, due to its exceptional versatility. You can create a TV stand, sideboard, and a nightstand by using the Besta as a base. Instead of settling with the cookie-cutter look, though, why not add customized doors and other accessories to elevate it and make it more personal? 


Besta TV stand

Finding an attractive TV stand can be a bit of a challenge, which is why we love to customize the Besta TV stand. It comes in two heights, 15" and 25", and the Besta TV stand frame has a cut-out in the back, which allows you to run cords from inside the cabinet.

By adding cane doors, you can have your router, cable box, and other media equipment inside the TV stand. Signal and sound penetrate the open weave.

Besta TV stand with cane doors
Two Besta TV stands, item number 802.945.03, with cane doors and panels in Perfect Gray, and chrome legs (Sara and Ilse).

Besta comes in 15" and 25", and can be bought as a single, double, or triple, depending on how much storage you need. It's super modular so you can also join frames together to create units longer than 3-doors wide. If you're looking to adding several Besta units, we recommend reading How to connect multiple Besta units. Also, when you add top panels to multiple units, please leave us a note during checkout so that we can adjust them to make the connection as seamless as possible.


Besta sideboard

Call it a sideboard, credenza, buffet -- the Besta cabinets can do it all! If you're want to make a budget upgrade, simply add custom doors to the Besta frame (which you can buy without doors). Our "White Lace" is a perfect match with the white on the Besta, so you don't need to add top and side panels. You can also skip the pulls and use the push-open function that is included with the hinges from IKEA. Leave it on the floor or mount it to the wall if you don't want to add legs to this unit. 

Besta sideboard with white custom doors
Astrid doors in white lace on Besta item numbers 102.458.46 + 302.458.50, with Ingrid brass pulls and legs (Sara and Ilse).


To create the setup in the image, you can either use the TV stand frame or add a double and a single Besta cabinet.


Besta nightstand

Last but not least (although tiniest) -- the Besta acting as a nightstand. To get the appropriate height, depending on what bed you have, you can use the 25" Besta or attach legs to the 15" Besta. These particular legs add 6 3/4" to the nightstand, which is an excellent height for standard beds. By adding side panels and a top, you give the Besta a second skin. The wood top in the image is locally sourced Ambrosia Maple sourced from the Northeast US. Every top is truly one-of-a-kind.

Besta nighstand with custom door and top
A single Besta, item number 702.458.48, with an Eva door and side panels in Iconic Iron, with an Ambrosia Maple wood top, chrome legs, and knob.


We hope we've been able to inspire you on how to use the Besta frames from IKEA. They come in multiple colors, so you can mix and match with custom doors as you see fit. If you have any questions about our buying process or products, don't hesitate to reach out to team@norseinteriors.com.



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