About Norse Interiors

Lotta Lundaas

I have a passion for furniture built into my DNA. My grandfather, Hilding Karlsson, was a carpenter who crafted each of his chairs and dressers with meticulous care in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. I grew up in a family that lived by a DIY ethos -- my father even built our house. I watched my father and grandfather make beautiful and functional pieces with their hands, all while I took in the sweet, earthy smell of real wood.

When I moved to the U.S. from Sweden in 2013, I was frustrated with the cookie-cutter styles I saw in big-name furniture stores, but anything unique and high-quality was far out of my price range. I returned to the familiar: IKEA. It was affordable and durable, and I knew I could redesign its simple pieces with new hardware or accents. Soon, I was inspired to take things further.

As I volunteered to decorate the new office at a former job, I resorted to IKEA again. I realized there was an opportunity to work with American artisans and bring timeless, Scandinavian design to the furniture market at a reasonable price point.

At Norse Interiors, you'll find luxurious, custom-made replacement pieces to turn IKEA furniture storage into bespoke works of art. You customize the color and design of sturdy, American-made pieces and fit them over existing IKEA sideboardsmedia consolesdressers, and nightstands at home. Retrofitting an IKEA system with Norse means you upcycle durable, inexpensive foundations to create personalized furniture that's stunning, sustainable, and just plain smart. DIY has never looked better.


Warmest regards,
Lotta Lundaas
CEO & Founder