Compatible IKEA furniture

Which IKEA furniture does Norse support?

We make doors, top panels, side panels, legs, knobs, and pulls for Besta cabinets and TV stands, Sektion wall cabinet, and drawer fronts for Malm dressers and nightstands. 

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How will I know what IKEA system I have or should get?

In our buying guideyou’ll see illustrations and sizes of all IKEA furniture we support. 


Is Norse collaborating with IKEA?

No. IKEA is a trademark of Inter IKEA Systems B.V., and Norse Interiors is not affiliated with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. or Inter IKEA Systems B.V.’s trademarks. We just love IKEA for its quality and modularity, and we want people to be able to personalize their storage solutions. Trade names are solely used to describe the services provided.

Besta storage cabinets and TV stands

What do I need to buy from IKEA?
Besta frame/s (without doors), hinges, and interior pieces like shelves. Please see our buying guide for detailed information.

Do you make doors and drawers for Besta?

We make the 15" and 25" doors. Our small doors can be used as both doors and drawer fronts.


Why do I have to decide Left or Right doors?

IKEA's base cabinets are very modular, allowing you to make pieces of furniture as long as you want, and open in both directions. If a door has its hinges on the left side, it's marked as (L) and swings to the left.


What are side and top panels, and do I need them?

You don't have to get the sides and top, but they create a beautiful second skin so that all pieces, including the doors, match, making your furniture look like one uniformed unit. 


What tools do I need for assembly? 

Our doors are pre-drilled for you to add hinges, just as you would if you had bought the doors at IKEA. Buy the hinges at IKEA, and use a regular screwdriver to attach the doors. We include a mounting solution, which is a simple, but super strong adhesive to attach the panels to the IKEA system.

Our fronts aren’t pre-drilled because we want to give you the option to add knobs or pulls at your chosen position. You can, however, add pre-drilled holes to your order.

All products come with easy assembly instructions, and to see how it's done, check this assembly video. If you don't want to assemble it yourself, please contact one of our partners.


How can I adjust the hinges? 

Not all floors are perfectly level, which is why you might need to adjust the hinges to level the doors. IIKEA's hinges are adjustable in height, depth, and width by loosening or tightening the three screws on the hinge, which are not used to attach it to the frame. With small adjustments, you will achieve a perfectly leveled result, as you can see in this video and blog post.


Do the tops for the TV stand have a cut-out for cords?

The top itself does not have a cut-out for cords, but you can still use the cord outlets at the back of the TV stand.




Sektion sideboards


What do I need to buy from IKEA?

Sektion wall cabinet frame (item number 902.654.68) and Utrusta hinges (item number 805.248.82).


Do I need top and side panels?

By adding panels, you create a second skin for the Sektion. The frame is originally designed to hang on the wall, which is why we offer the option to only add a top panel to cover the cam locks on top of the frame. If you don't want to add panels, our doors in White Lace match the Sektion frame perfectly.

The panels are thinner than the doors (3/8" vs. 3/4"), and you can get top panels for both a single Sektion frame (30x14 3/4 ") and two connected frames (60x14 3/4x ").


How do I attach the doors?

Attach the Utrusta hinges on the doors by opening the head of the hinge. Push the hinge into the pre-drilled holes, and close the head of the hinge, which secures it. Place the base part of the Utrusta hinge in the frame. Attach the doors by steering in the hinge to its base and snap it in place. Adjust the hinges in height, depth, and width as needed.


Do I need to drill holes for hardware?

Our doors have pre-drilled holes for the hinges but not for other hardware because we want to give you the option to add knobs or pulls at your chosen position. We can also do it for you; just add pre-drilled holes to your order. 




Material and finishes

What are the doors, sides, and tops made of?

We make our fronts in sustainable MDF wood, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which we give a satin sheen paint finish, or add real wood veneer, for long-lasting pieces with a luxe feel. We use conversion varnish, which is more durable and slightly more elastic than a lacquer.

MDF is an engineered wood that lends exceptional strength and ensures the product’s structural integrity over time. The Besta top and side panels are 1/4" for a sleek appearance, and the doors are 3/4" thick, providing the necessary sturdiness. The Sektion panels, and all our wood panels are 3/8" thick.


Tell me more about the wood collection!

We’re incredibly excited and proud to launch a whole collection based on natural material. You can’t beat the nature of nature - every piece is one-of-a-kind and a big step away from the cookie-cutter style you find at IKEA.

Our wood doors and panels have an MDF core, with natural wood veneers in walnut and white oak. We chose White Oak and Walnut because they’re simply the best in class when it comes to durability and beauty; we suggest oak for a more Scandinavian decor and walnut for a more luxurious look. They also grow in the US, which is important to us - we source material that minimizes the environmental footprint.

Wood is a natural material and might vary in texture, color, and wood grain and exhibit subtle changes as they age. You might see a variation in color and structure from the pictures displayed on the website since natural wood is one-of-a-kind and truly unique. We do our best to match the samples with the final product, but we can’t guarantee an exact match.


What is the DIY finish?

We created the "DIY" finish for the ultimate level of customization. We prime the doors and panels using a water-based primer so that you can paint them in any color you wish. For the best result, we recommend using water-based paint and sanding the pieces slightly before painting.


My painted fronts just arrived and they have a noticeable smell. What should I do?

Typically, we let painted pieces air out in our shop for about a week before packaging them up for shipment. If our artisans are crafting your order during a busy time, the pieces may be packaged up as soon as the paint dries so as to not risk delaying your IKEA project. The smell should subside soon, and we recommend wiping it down with a damp cloth and then letting it air out a bit. You can use a gentle dish soap as well if you see fit. We use non toxic house-mixed paint and protective coating material in our wood shop, so though it has a smell- it is safe to have in the house. 


How are the cane doors made?

Our doors with natural cane inlays give the furniture a light and airy feeling. We use Radio Weave cane, which is a woven fine cane with six strands per inch. Cane is an exceptionally durable material that is as beautiful as functional, allowing you to hide cable boxes, routers, and other media equipment without worrying about overheating or blocking signal and sound. 

Cane sample




Malm dressers and nightstands


What do I need to buy from IKEA?

Malm dresser or nightstand.


How do I replace the drawer fronts?

Re-use the four screws and dowels from IKEA’s drawer front to secure the fronts from Norse. It just takes a few minutes with a regular screwdriver. Check out our assembly video for more details.


Do I need to drill holes in the fronts for hardware?

Our fronts aren’t pre-drilled because we want to give you the option to add knobs or pulls at your chosen position. You can, however, add pre-drilled holes to your order. 





Can I use your legs on other thank IKEA furniture?

Yes, you can use them on any furniture since they have a universal fitting plate. Each leg holds 150 lbs.


How do I attach the legs?

Attach the legs using the four screws that come with the package to screw in the fitting plate. Don't forget to use pads to avoid damaging your floor. 






How do I attach the pulls or knobs?

We always include screws with our hardwareIf you haven't added pre-drilled holes to your order, we recommend drilling the holes from the outside-in. Place something hard on the inside to drill through to ensure a clean-looking hole on both sides.


Can I use your knobs and pulls on other than IKEA furniture? 

You sure can! A pretty pull or knob can really change the furniture and you can attach them to any type of door or cabinet front. We include two screws with different lengths in the package for any thickness in the door.



Shipping & returns


How quickly will I get my Norse order once it’s placed?

We ship doors, drawer fronts, and panels within two to three weeks. Accessories ship within three business days. We try to make the process as speedy as possible because we know you want your custom furniture. We ask for some patience and understanding since your pieces are made-to-order. We’ll keep you posted on the shipping process via email.


How much is shipping?

We ship with UPS Ground Service, which takes 1-5 business days. The shipping costs depend on size, weight, and location, and will be displayed at checkout. If you shop for more than $200 we cover the shipping costs to the 48 continental U.S. States (not valid for international delivery addresses, Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. Territories).


Do you ship outside the US?

We currently only ship within the US and to Canada. Please note that additional taxes and import fees may apply for shipments to Canada and are the responsibility of the customer. For estimated duties and taxes, please visit the Canadian Border Service Agency.


Can I change or return my order?

You have 24 hours after your order is placed to edit your order. You can do this by contacting team@norseinteriors.com with your requested changes and order number.

We customize our doors, drawer fronts, top and side panels based on your choice of product, design, and color. We have thousands of possible combinations, and therefore, they are made-to-order and final sale.

You can return or exchange legs and hardware for a $25 restocking and shipping fee ($35 on orders from Canada) for up to 30 days since receiving the order. Materials must be returned in unused and resellable condition with the original packaging. Please head to our Terms and Conditions for more details. 


Safety and care


How to secure the unit to the wall?

Always anchor storage units and dressers to the wall to ensure your and your family's safety. It also provides extra sturdiness and stability to the IKEA system. Secure the cabinet with the included wall anchoring device, or get suspension rails from IKEA. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home. 

Applying pressure on the furniture could tip it over, so it's important to take the suggested safety measures and anchor it to a wall.


How do I make Norse products last?

When you clean your Norse furniture, we recommend you use a damp cloth and water. Avoid using detergents, and opt for a mild soap if needed. Don’t use anything containing bleach or ammonia as it will damage the surface. Make sure you wipe it dry immediately and carefully on all sides after using water.

We recommend cleaning the legs with mildly warm water and drying it immediately to avoid corrosion and to protect the metal. Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive pads as this will dull and/or remove the galvanized finish. 

Pulls and knobs should be cleaned with a damp cloth and water (use a mild soap if needed). You can use polish for brass pulls but make sure you use the appropriate polish. Wipe off with water and pat dry afterward. If you do use a polish, be careful that you don’t get anything on the actual doors.


Trade program


Do you offer trade discount?
Yes! Email us at team@norseinteriors.com with the name of your company and a link to your website, and we'll issue a discount code of 10%. Please note that the trade discount is not available in conjunction with any other offer or sale discount.


Payment plans


Do you offer financing and payment plans?


Yes, we offer Shop Pay Installments in the US and Canada, which allows you to split your purchases into four equal, interest-free payments—with no additional, hidden, or late fees, and no impact to credit scores. Simply select Shop Pay Installments as your payment option at checkout.