What to buy at IKEA when using Norse products

Congratulations if you've already bought some of our products!

As you know, we design pieces that enable you to customize your IKEA furniture. We don't sell cabinet frames (Besta or Sektion), or dresser/nightstand frames (Malm) because IKEA makes these so well already. By using our fronts, panels, and other accessories, you can customize an IKEA piece and create your dream furniture.

Here is a checklist of items you need from IKEA, as well as a list of assembly videos you might find helpful.


Storage cabinets and TV stands

  • Buy Besta cabinet frame/s from IKEA, preferably without doors for a zero-waste upgrade. Our Buying Guide will tell you which item is compatible with the different sizes of doors and panels we make.

  • Buy 1x hinges per door from IKEA. These also include a push-open function if you don't want to use knobs or pulls.

  • Buy interior pieces, like shelves and drawer frames from IKEA as well as suspension rail/s, if you plan to mount your unit on the wall. The suspension rail can't be used with Besta TV stands.

  • Buy our universal legs and knobs separately, if you want to add that to your piece. If your cabinet is three doors or more, we recommend adding our support leg "Ilse" for stability.

  • When using our 15" Besta fronts as drawer fronts, buy the drawer insert attachment as well as the drawer runners



  • Buy Sektion cabinet frame/s from IKEA, item 902.654.68. The Sektion frame measures 30x14 3/4x40 " as a single frame and 60x 14 3/4x40 " when two frames are connected. 

  • Buy 1x hinges per door from IKEA. This hinge has an integrated damper, so that the door closes slowly, softly and silently.

  • Buy interior pieces, like shelves, from IKEA.

  • If you plan to mount your unit on the wall, you need a suspension rail from IKEA (item 602.615.27).  

  • Buy our universal legs and knobs separately, if you want to add that to your piece. If you’re connecting two Sektion frames, we recommend adding our support legs "Ilse" for stability in the center.


    Dressers and nightstands

    • Buy Malm dresser or nightstand frames from IKEA. All dresser fronts are the same size, no matter if you choose 3-drawer, 4-drawer, or 6-drawer dresser. For additional information, please have a look at our Buying Guide.

    • Buy knobs separately, if you want to add that to your piece. Our legs are not compatible with the Malm since it doesn't have a bottom needed for attachment.

        Assembly videos

        • Customize the Besta, click here.

        • Adjust the IKEA Besta hinges, click here.

        • Install the Besta push-open function, click here.

        • Customize the Malm series, click here.

        • Customize the Sektion series, click here.

        • Adjust the IKEA Utrusta hinges for Sektion, click here.


        We hope you'll enjoy being your own furniture designer! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.




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