Legs that will transform your furniture

Our steel legs in brass, chrome, and matte black have become real bestsellers. We named these legs after our designer and her daughter, Sara, and Ilse, and their timeless elegance will transform your furniture, giving it a highly elevated look. 

Chrome legs on white sideboard

IKEA Besta cabinets with Astrid doors in White Lace, brass Sara, and Ilse legs, and Ingrid pulls.


Product facts

Each leg can hold 150 lbs and has a universal fitting plate, and works on most furniture with a flat surface. Some of the most popular IKEA pieces upgraded with these legs are the Besta, Kallax, Bryggja, and Normela, along with other non-IKEA furniture.

You attach them with four screws, using the holes most suitable for your piece of furniture. Choose between a polished brass or chrome plating, or powder-coated matte black finish.

Black Sara leg

IKEA Besta TV stands with Marie doors in Charcoal Black, black Sara legs, and Elisabeth knobs.


Both the Sara leg and the Ilse leg will give your piece of furniture an added height of 6 3/4". The dimensions are as illustrated below:

Sara leg dimensions



We sell the legs individually, which means that you need four legs for a regular-sized cabinet. For longer units, 3+ doors, we recommend adding the Ilse legs as support in the center, as shown in the illustration below.

Attach legs 

Place the plate about 1/4" from the edge of the unit for maximum stability. The Ilse leg serves both as a support leg, and as a stylish leg on its own.

When you have a sideboard with three doors, we recommend adding either one or two Ilse legs as support. If you're only adding one leg, place it in the center both vertically and horizontally. If you're adding two Ilse legs, put them in line with the Sara legs as in the image below. 

Black legs on silver sage sideboard

IKEA Besta TV stands with Marie doors in Silver Sage and black Sara and Ilse legs. 


If you're connecting multiple units, like two Besta double cabinets below, add the Ilse legs where the two units meet for ultimate support.

IKEA TV stand legs

IKEA Besta TV stands with Cane doors in Perfect Gray and chrome Sara and Ilse legs.


What customers say

"The quality of the knobs and legs are 100 percent. Adding these pieces has upgraded my cabinet from average to upscale". - Kaz

"Love it! An incredible upgrade for my Ikea furniture. Modern and cost-effective! Fast and fabulous delivery". - Rachel

Read more reviews here, and if you want to add some flair to your furniture, head over to our leg collection.



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