IKEA products you can customize with Norse Interiors

Today’s consumers, regardless of nationality and age group, believes that their
home decor and furniture should reflect their personalities. They are looking for unique pieces, and by personalizing IKEA, custom furniture is fast and accessible for regular people.

"IKEA makes good, affordable bases, which is what we take advantage of when creating designer parts to give them a more custom, less cookie-cutter look,” says Norse's founder and CEO, Lotta Lundaas.

Although we wish we could provide components to all IKEA's products, we have chosen to focus on their most beloved series called Besta Malm and Sektion.

#Tip: If you want to skip all the visuals, and get a list of all the IKEA items we support, please click here. 

Besta cabinets

The Besta cabinets are known for their modularity and can be used as credenzas, TV stands, office furniture, and (almost) everything in between. Here are a few examples of how different the Besta can look, using Norse doors, sides, tops, and accessories.

TV Stand2x Besta 792.025.33 + small Frida doors in Perfect Gray, Kristina knobs, and Sara legs from Norse.

#Tip: Our small door works both as doors and drawers.


Besta  704.740.62 + Astrid doors and sides in Charcoal Black, and a wood top in Ambrosia Maple.

#Tip: Choose a Besta frame closest to the door color you pick, to give the piece a more uniform look. 

Wall Storage Unit

Besta 702.458.48602.458.44102.458.46302.458.50,+ Amelia doors and Frida doors in Classy Navy.

#Tip: If you're looking to join several Besta cabinets, check out How to connect multiple IKEA Besta units.

Shoe Storage

2x Besta 602.459.19 + Eva doors in Perfect Gray, Sara legs, and Kristina knobs.

Tip: You can buy the Besta cabinet frame without doors, so it's a zero-waste upgrade! Also, it's budget-friendly customization to just upgrading the doors. 


2x Besta 702.473.76 + Amelia doors, tops, and sides in Iconic Iron, and Rosa doors in Pale Blush.

#Tip: If you don't want to buy matching sides and tops, to your doors, you can buy sides and tops separately.


Malm nightstands and dressers

The Malm series has been going through the wringer, to say the least, being involved in tipping accidents a few years ago. IKEA had to recall all dressers, and make a design change to make it stable (which it is now). Nevertheless, it's maintained its position as being one of their most beloved series and comes both as dressers and nightstands.

To make it more personal, and give it a more premium look, Norse makes drawer fronts in various patterns and colors. We have also raised the front itself to create a larger homogenous surface. Here are a few examples of the Malm with Norse drawer fronts and accessories.

#Tip: Our dresser fronts are sold individually, to fit all the different Malm sizes, so change the quantity according to the number of drawers your Malm dresser has.

Malm dresser customized

Malm 4-drawer dresser  304.731.54 + Eleanor drawer fronts in Charcoal Black and Jenny pulls.

White Malm dresser customized

Malm 6-drawer dresser 303.604.68 + Joan drawer fronts in White Lace and Elisabeth knobs.

Malm dresser customized with Norse

Malm 3-drawer dresser  904.731.51Susan drawer fronts in Earthy Sand and Elisabeth knobs.

Customized IKEA Malm nightstand

Malm 2-drawer nightstand 802.145.49 + Joan drawer fronts (sold in pair) in Pale Blush and Kristina knobs.

Sektion sideboards

Create a tall sideboard using IKEA’s Sektion wall cabinet frame (item 902.654.68) and our doors, panels, and hardware. Each frame is a double-doored unit and you can make a longer sideboard by connecting two frames - our top panels come in both sizes. Since it's originally a wall cabinet, you have the option to add only a top panel to cover the cam locks on top of the frame, keeping the sides bare.  

Explore our doors and panels in multiple painted finishes, cane, as well as our new white oak. 

#Tip: To mount it, you need a suspension rail from IKEA (item 602.615.27), which you cut down to the length needed.

White oak doors and panels on a Sektion sideboard from IKEA

A single Sektion frame  (902.654.68) dressed in our white oak doors and panels, with Sara legs and Agnes pulls.

Eleanor doors on a double-doored Sektion sideboard from IKEA

Two connected Sektion frames (902.654.68) with our Eleanor doors and panels in perfect gray and matte black Cornelia pulls, standing on the floor.

Knobs and legs

Our knobs and legs have a universal fit and can be added to any type of furniture, not just IKEA pieces.

The Marlen knob in matte black. The base of the knob can either be placed in the center to create a T-shape or on one side as in the image.

#Tip: When you drill holes for knobs, drill from the outside in and place a piece of firm material on the inside to drill into. If you don’t drill into something, you run a higher risk of chipping the paint. 

Our legs are made of steel and are finished in brass or chrome plating, or a matte black powder finish. The Sara and Ilse legs have a universal fitting plate, which needs to be attached to a flat surface. 

Brass legs Sara

All IKEA items you can customize with Norse

If you are more of a "list-person"; this is a summary of all the IKEA pieces which you can hack with Norse. Remember that you can combine different units both vertically and horizontally though.

Sideboards/Credenzas/Office storage furniture

TV stands

Entryway furniture 


  • 3-drawer: 904.731.51 (compatible with all colors)
  • 4-drawer: 304.731.54 (compatible with all colors)
  • 6-drawer: 303.604.68 (compatible with all colors)
  • 4+2 drawer: 603.604.76 (compatible with all colors)


  • 2-drawer: 802.145.49 (compatible with all colors) 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any additional questions about compatibility or general questions. 



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