How to connect multiple IKEA Besta units

The Besta series from IKEA is one of its most popular and long-standing storage units. Like most IKEA pieces, it's affordable, but the Besta "superpower" is that it is highly versatile and modular. You can use it as a sideboard, credenza, wall cabinet, entryway furniture, TV stand, office furniture, nightstand, and more.

The standard cabinets come in one, two, and three doors at two different heights (15" and 25 1/4"). But that's just the beginning of how you can assemble the Besta cabinets. Maybe we can't go as far as saying that you can connect units as if it was Tetris, but almost. You can join multiple cabinets together both horizontally and vertically to create a piece of furniture that fits your space perfectly. It's a great base for classic Scandinavian design.

Connecting Besta units horizontally

If you have a longer wall, you might want to create a unit that is longer than 70 7/8", equivalent to three doors. This is an example of two double Besta cabinets, which has been connected horizontally to create a longer four-door TV console.

Cane doors on IKEA Besta cabinet
Two sets of small cane double doors in perfect gray and matching paneling, with chrome legs, on two small IKEA Besta units (602.458.44).

Connecting multiple cabinets is easy! Use the longer screws included in the Besta package to attach two units, as visible in the image below.

Besta connect

Source: IKEA Assembly Instructions

To get extra support, you can also add legs, as we've done in the photo. The Ilse leg, in the picture, has a universal fitting plate with four screws. It allows you to add two screws in each unit, creating the support you might need if you don't have it standing on the floor.

Due to limitations in the raw material, our tops can maximum be 3-doors wide. However, we can adjust the tops to make the connection be as seamless as possible. Just add a comment that you're planning on connecting units during checkout. 

Close-up of connected Norse top panels

Another example is these color-blocked cabinets, using doors from Norse in Pale Blush, and Iconic Iron. The top and side panels are also in Iconic Iron to create a uniform look. We don't make top panels to cover the length of four doors. However, we can adjust the length when you are planning to join two or multiple tops together. 

Connected IKEA Besta cabinets
A set of Rosa double doors and a set of Amelia double doors on two double Besta frames (102.458.46) from IKEA. 

Attaching Besta cabinets vertically

If you have limited wall space, you could instead build the Besta cabinets vertically. This blue floating wall unit in the picture was made by attaching two three-door cabinets, in 15" and 25 1/4", on top of each other.

IKEA Besta cabinets upgraded with Norse componentsFrida triple medium doors under Amelia triple small doors on stacked IKEA Besta frames (702.998.79 and 004.740.70).

To attach them, you use the double-sided pads and metal clips provided in the Besta package. Add the pads, before attaching the clips, as visible below.

Attach multiple Besta cabinets vertically

Attach multiple Besta cabinets vertically

Source: IKEA Assembly Instructions

If you prefer to have floating cabinets, IKEA has suspension rails for hanging the units on the wall. It also helps to level the units, if you connect multiple cabinets. The suspension rail cannot be used with Besta TV stands, so please choose other frames with the help of our Buying Guide.

Hang cabinets on the wall for floating sideboard

Source: IKEA Assembly Instructions


We hope this will spark some new ideas on how you can use this super modular cabinet. Our Besta and Sektion door fronts are pre-drilled for the IKEA hinges, and our Malm fronts are drilled and ready to completely replace the drawer fronts included on the dressers/nightstands.

Once you have everything from IKEA and Norse delivered to your home, you're ready for the quick assembly to make the storage of your dreams. We have assembly videos for all our products, and don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions. 

Head over to our collection, to see how you can customize the Besta even further with doors, panels, and accessories. Check out our broader How It Works page for more details on customizing IKEA x Norse. 



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