How to customize IKEA with Norse Interiors

IKEA is known for its affordable and customizable furniture, making it a favorite among homeowners and renters. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when customizing your IKEA furniture. Reimagine the IKEA Besta, Sektion, and Malm collections with artisan fronts, paneling, and hardware from Norse Interiors. 


Who we are 

For those who aren't familiar with our brand, Norse is a custom furniture company transforming IKEA pieces into bespoke works of art (with a bit of DIY magic). Best of all, everything is high quality and sustainably manufactured because we genuinely care about what you put in your home. We empower people to design their own forever furniture, and our team of artisans craft pieces that stand the test of time. Norse Interiors' pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and can add a touch of luxury to any space.

Eleanor and Amelia fronts on mounted IKEA units

Small Amelia and medium Eleanor fronts on mounted IKEA Besta triple frames, with Agnes and Cornelia chrome pulls. 


How it works 

You get the frames (with no doors for a zero-waste upgrade) directly from IKEA and then add our fronts and accessories to the bare shelves. If you're not updating an IKEA piece you already have, you can work with our experts to pick out the proper frames from IKEA. Many customer find great IKEA frames 2nd hand on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, or discounted in the "As Is" section at IKEA stores. We also have a detailed Buying Guide with direct IKEA product links for easy shopping, and the IKEA planning tool is a great resource to get you started. Our Besta and Sektion door fronts are pre-drilled for the IKEA hinges, and our Malm fronts are drilled and ready to completely replace the drawer fronts included on the dressers/nightstands. 

Once you get your IKEA pieces, select your design pattern, finish color, and accessories from Norse. We have a page where you can browse all the designs and finishes together or shop by collection. Many customers start with samples because it's helpful to see the finishes in person, and you get the cost of the kit reimbursed on your first order with us. Since all of our wood products are made-to-order, they're final sale. You can read more details on our return/exchange policy here

You have everything from Norse and IKEA shipped to your doorstep to be assembled together as one complete piece. You do the assembly, but we're available for support via email ( throughout the process.


Custom configurations 

We have extremely talented artisans who make adjustments to pieces based on your customized configurations. If you're connecting multiple IKEA frames and want to have paneling without adding side panels in between the frames, we have a spot at checkout where you can leave a note about your order. This tells our artisans that they need to adjust top panel lengths accordingly to accommodate your unique piece. You also have the option to only add a top, or only add side panels, and you can tell us about your design plan at checkout as well so your pieces come out exactly as you want them. 

When you're adding legs to a unit that is made up of multiple IKEA frames, our Ilse support legs act as a tool to physical join the frames together. You assemble the support leg directly on the seam where the frames meet. We have a super helpful video on our YouTube page that goes into more detail on this. 

You can also mix and match our painted finishes with our wood collections. Customers love adding wood paneling with painted doors, or vise versa. It makes the piece unlike anything on the market, and really elevates the overall look. 

A great example of joining IKEA’s Besta frames and customizing them with painted and wood collections is this beautiful navy Astrid and walnut sideboard. It uses two 25"H double Besta frames (102.458.46) put together, and our wood shop cut the panels to fit perfectly together on the longer 4-door unit. 

Walnut and navy Astrid fronts and paneling on two IKEA Besta frames
Astrid medium doors in classy navy with walnut paneling on two 25"H IKEA Besta frames, with Sara and Ilse black legs and Agnes black pulls

When designing your own piece with Norse, we recommend checking out our FAQ page. It is super helpful in getting started in the design process, but if you have questions that you need answering, just let us know, and we're happy to help.



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