Honest Brand Reviews gives the scoop on Norse Interiors

As a small business, we were blown away by the the kind words from HonestBrandReviews.com on our products and mission. Here's a sneak peek at how they break down Norse for the unfamiliar. Access the full article at the bottom of this page. 

The Breakdown 

"For those who may need a helping hand, our Norse Interiors review is here to help by breaking down the process into three simple steps.

  1. Buy the frame – each cabinet, dresser, or nightstand comes from IKEA directly, so start the shopping venture there with the Besta, Sektion, or Malm series products
  2. Fit the components – this is the fun customization step. Select front, side, and top designs and colors to match the space and finish things off with unique legs and knobs to really tie everything together
  3. (Avengers) Assemble – once everything has been delivered, assemble that IKEA piece as instructed and follow the guides to attach doors, fronts, and sides from Norse Interiors to complete the look

Everything isn’t as complicated as it seems. In fact, this whole journey barely takes longer than building the IKEA frame itself.

The only difference is customers will walk away with a bit more variety and fun rather than just the simplistic original designs. It’s all about more fun, not more work."

What do customers think? 

"We wouldn’t feel right about writing this Norse Interiors review without doing a bit of fact-checking. Alongside doing a deep dive into the brand’s own page, we felt the best way to get the real story would be by taking a look at customer ratings online. 

Starting with the company’s own site, the reviews lining their personal pages seem to be quite strong. This brand currently holds 5/5 stars based on over 280 ratings, with customers adoring the purchases they’ve made.

Citing not only wonderful styles but also quick service, it seems as though this business puts the customers first in all that they do with some citing that the quality and the customer service are unmatched.”

Is Norse worth it? 

"In the opinion of this Norse Interiors review, we believe that this brand is well worth the purchase. While these products aren’t necessities in life, there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit of money on aesthetics every now and then to really warm up the space. 

Pairing perfectly with IKEA furniture to modernize the beauty of decently-priced products, Norse Interiors elevates the appearance of discount storage to a new level.

Customizable in every aspect, customers really get to control the appearance of their purchases. Offering a variety of colors, patterns, and even hardware, it’s easier than ever to decorate the space as desired. Overall, we’d say we’re pretty big fans of this one."


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