Why we cancel Black Friday deals this year

Update Dec 1, 2020

Instead of BFCM sales, we donated one tree per item purchased in November. That amounted to no less than 978 trees, which will be planted locally in Oregon and California.

Every year up to 7 billion trees are cut down for furniture use, which is one reason we will do Black Friday and Cyber Monday differently this year.

As a company, we want to limit our environmental footprint and make sustainable decisions. We want to encourage mindful shopping, so we decided to give back to the forest instead of offering any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. 

We partnered with One Tree Planted

Instead of dropping prices for a weekend, we are making a longer commitment during the whole month of November. Therefore, we pledge to plant one tree for every product we sell in November.

We chose to partner with One Tree Planted; a fantastic non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. They plant trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

The 2020 forest fire season in California, Oregon, and Washington state has been extreme. Over 3 million acres have burned in California during the 2020 fire season and 900,000 acres in Oregon. One of the best ways to create a healthy environment after a fire is by planting a tree. The west coast's rich forest includes some of the world's most interesting and valuable tree species like pine, spruce, western red cedar, giant sequoia, and oak. The experts at One Tree Planted determine the most appropriate tree species to plant depending on the time of year and local ecosystem needs.

One tree planted

Source: One Tree Planted

To donate a bit extra to this cause and learn more, please visit One Tree Planted's website.

How we limit our environmental footprint

We believe that the less waste we create, the more beautiful product. Norse was founded on a few core values, including that our products needed to be beautiful, durable, and sustainable. True to Scandinavian design and ethics.

Instead of throwing out old IKEA furniture, you can replace the drawer fronts of an old Malm dresser, or add new legs or knobs, to spruce it up. If you don't have an IKEA furniture already, you can buy the Besta frame from IKEA without doors and add ours for a zero-waste custom piece.

White custom doors on Besta sideboard IKEA

White Astrid doors on a Besta cabinet from IKEA, with brass legs and pulls.

We also have a local focus. Our Ambrosia Maple wood top is sustainably sourced from the North East U.S, and we make our products in America. Local production isn't only positive for the environment; it also creates job opportunities across the U.S.

We can always do more, and we welcome any thoughts or suggestions you have to work with the world's limited resources in a better way.



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