Creating the space you need with the look you want

While the chaos of life can be displayed clearly through the staging of the rooms in our homes, the disorder is not necessarily the home decor people want to see. From custom furniture to pieces focused on sustainability and an array of cultural pieces such as Scandinavian designs, your home decor speaks to who you are and the chaos inside it. As we continue to live in a more digital world, the home office space and home decor, in general, are a huge focus. You may now spend your days staring at the used office furniture you currently have and wonder how to spruce it up a bit and clear the chaos in the process. 

When deciding to decorate a room, the choice of furniture is vital. The organization of said chaos in those rooms is what poses a problem to many people- unsure of how to tame their mess while keeping up with their style and uniqueness.

That’s where the importance of cabinetry comes into play. Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens and bathrooms, holding everything you would expect instead. Instead, they can be used to display your taste, with personalized furniture that can be custom made to the space it is needed for. As we continue to spend time at home and point out the flaws of our current home configurations, learn how to give your office furniture and the rest of the space in your house a new, better life.


Make Your Home Office Yours

Home office storage IKEA Besta Norse fronts

Marie doors, sides and top in Perfect Gray, with brass Elisabeth knobs, Sara and Ilse legs.

As your home may have become your hub for work, making a space your own has become very important. Whether that’s your dining room table, a closet, or a bedroom, defining an area with actual organization in mind is beneficial in being productive. But working in a space that is inspiring takes a few steps, including finding a functional piece of furniture that serve as dual-purpose and help to elevate your space. Bringing the Cane Storage Cabinet into your office space helps to create a light and airy feeling while organizing your workspace in the process. 

Create Your Own Look With Unique Pieces of Furniture

Change a room with any style you desire using a multitude of different cabinetry designs. Don’t love your kid’s playroom? That’s okay. It doesn’t have to look like a playroom all of the time. This Eva Storage Cabinet would be the perfect way to incorporate soft tones with geometric lines while hiding every craft, cay, and coloring book your kids have accrued over the years. Use this piece as a storage solution and a TV stand or dresser, complete with a durable finish, making it the perfect addition to your kid’s playroom.

Eva doors in Pale Mocha IKEA Besta cabinet

Eva doors, side and top panels in Pale Blush, with Sara brass legs and Kristina pulls.


Bring Joy to Your Dining Space

The dining room is a space to elevate your home with sophisticated or rustic elements, or maybe even a mix of both, creating combinations that define your style. Hosting guests or even a family of two or more requires quite a few pieces of dinnerware. But where will your store all of these things? As the number of plates and silverware add up, finding a solution that fits your style and your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. This Marie Storage Cabinet boasts a unique pattern, giving the room an edge with a subdued colored detail with bold lines. This credenza will be sure to hold everything you need and have a dual-purpose as a buffet for your dinner parties.

White storage cabinet Marie IKEA Besta

Marie doors and sides in White Lace and an Ambrosia Maple wood top, with Kristina gold knobs.


Living Room With Functionality

Your living room is your oasis, your place of relaxation, memories, and daily life. With that room comes many activities, many laughs, and also many items. But those items don’t need to be on display every second of the day. Give yourself a sense of calm with the ability to hide the chaos when you need it. This Astrid Storage Cabinet offers clean and simple lines to a living room of any style. Give yourself the ability to personalize furniture with this IKEA piece, offering over five configurations. It can even anchor to the wall to give you that valuable floor space you desire. 

Black Astrid hanging storage cabinet

Astrid doors in Charcoal Black and an Ambrosia Maple wood top.

Bring order and fun to any room using personalized furniture, like the variety of pieces from IKEA. There are numerous options for a space of any size and purpose. At Norse Interiors, we understand the importance of comfort and functionality while working from home or in any office space. Remember to make your space your own to be truly productive. 



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Author: Stephanie Trovato

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