9 best interior design services to know

The interior design industry has gone through a major change in the last couple of years, with companies offering design services online. By adding a technological twist to the conventional interior design consultation techniques, these online platforms have made it easier for users to find designers, ultimately transforming the renovating process and making design dreams more accessible.

If you're looking to match with professional designers, this is a short-list of the best interior design services on the market.

The Decorista

The Decorista is an online interior design destination that was founded by the interior designer turned inspiring blogger, Ashlina Kaposta. Driven by passion and motivated by her dream, she was able to create a platform where anybody could find help in designing their home to achieve their desired aesthetic.

They offer two paid services: 

  • Virtual Design $350/room: After purchasing this service, all you have to do is submit photos and measures of the room, a guideline of your budget, and a few inspiration photos. Within two weeks, an interior designer will reach out to you for a 90-120 minutes to discuss a design scheme to match your desired look. 
  • Decor Therapy $444: This process was created Ashlina Kaposta to help customers Declutter, Organize, and Decorate their inner and outer life. This service offers a personal FaceTime or Skype call with a decor therapist to help you get what you want! 

If you're not sure about paying to get a consultation, they also offer a complimentary consultation phone call. 


Homepolish is a great platform where you can meet talented contractors and interior designers. The designers on the team are carefully hand-selected and paired with general contractors and a Purchasing Concierge to provide you with top-tier services.

Their process is simple:

  1. Get a complimentary consultation with one of their talented designers.
  2. Generate a list of products and continue adding to the list.
  3. Explore a variety of vendors with a single click.
  4. Approve your quote from the Concierge team, and then everything else will be taken care of by them. All you have to do is sit back and watch as your dream home comes to life!

This is what a client said about the experience: “I really enjoyed my experience with Homepolish and my designer Jessica. Having the sales team take care of multiple orders helped save time.”


Havenly is the perfect, easy-to-use online website to work with a professional interior designer in creating your dream home. They work with all budgets, big or small. You also don't have to feel too pressured to buy completely new products. You can work with your designer to create a new aesthetic, using the furniture pieces that are already sitting in your home.

How it works: 

  1. Take the style survey to see which designer best suites your taste. 
  2. Fill out a room profile to tell the designer what your goals are, based on your budget, style, and space. 
  3. Give your designer feedback as she shares her design ideas so that the final aesthetic is most suited to your taste! 
  4. (*only available for the full package) Get a chance to visualize your perfect room! 
  5. Chat with your personal designer online to make further revisions.
  6. Shop for the list of products that you curated. 

One satisfied client stated: "I had some pretty specific ideas in mind for my living room but was having trouble getting it done on my own. Stafford scoured my Pinterest boards, totally got my style...the final result is perfect.” 

They offer three packages:

  • Mini Design $79: comes with three ideas, one design concepttwo rounds of design revisions
  • Full Design $199: the mini design options + layout visualizationcustom floorplan
  • Consultation (Complimentary)

Laurel & Wolf

Laurel & Wolf has been around since 2014 and was founded by interior designer turned power entrepreneur Leura Fine. It allows you to work with top design talent, receive unlimited design revisions and you also get free furniture purchasing service (with a Price Match Guarantee).

The process looks as follows:

  1. Share your photos and inspiration to match you with the right designer for your space, style, and budget.
  2. Collaborate with your designer, who'll swap out items, based on your input, until your space is perfect.
  3. Get a curated shopping list of products and buy it all with a click of a button.  

    This is what a customer has to say about Laurel & Wolf: "WOW!  This was an amazing experience. I have never been very good at pulling my spaces together so they are cohesive and have a decent amount of money buying and replacing cheap pieces because I didn't know what else to buy and was too nervous about buying anything nice because I didn't know what the bigger plan would be going forward.  I would recommend doing this when you have a decent budget because it is super fun to just buy whatever option you like best, but they absolutely will work with you on any budget."

    Their service comes in three different packages:

    • Light $79/room: limited to accessories and decor and five days of design time
    • Classic $119/room: includes furniture and ten days of design time as well as 3D visualization
    • Signature $174/room: in addition to the classic package, you also get a floor plan and telephone consultation with your designer.


    Decorilla is a great option to get customized interior design help! This useful platform is now making it so much easier to bring your dream home to life. By pairing customers with designers that are perfectly fitted to their personal styles, Decorilla has made interior designing more affordable and achievable for all! 

    How it works: 

    1. Fill out a questionnaire, snap some pictures, and tell them your budget. 
    2. The designers will send you some concept previews to choose from. Pick your favorite concept!
    3. Your chosen designer will help find affordable decor option sources, select a paint color, position the furniture, and provide a 3D visualization of the designed space.

    This is what one customer said about the experience: “Let me start by saying, I love, love, love, Decorilla. Thanks so much for capturing my vision and bringing my ordinary space to a level of brilliance! Every detail looks absolutely amazing.”

    The program offers three different packages (prices depend on the experience of the designers): 

    • Bronze $449: working with two experienced designers
    • Silver $549: 2 vastly experienced designers
    • Gold $699: 2 industry leading designers

    There is also an hourly option if these packages aren't what you are looking for, ranging from $75/hr to $500/hr


    Modsy is an online interior design platform that will help your designs come to life! The company was brought to life by the visionary founder Shanna Tellerman. Her goal was to create a digital catalog that would allow anyone to be able to visualize their imagined dream home. 

    The service works in five simple steps: 

    1. Share photos and measurements of your space.
    2. Take a Style Quiz to tell them more about your goals-- needs, budget, furniture, etc. 
    3. The designer will create two 3D custom design plans.
    4. Work with the design team to revise your designs.
    5. Shop directly from your design plans in a single checkout with amazing discounts! 

    The New York Times wrote: “The 3-D renderings I received were not only surprisingly realistic, but also fun to explore.”

    The platform offers two affordable design packages: 

    • Modsy $59/room: Work with a design team to create the perfect design plan.
    • Modsy Plus $149/room: Work 1:1 with your own personal designer.


    Sweeten, derived from the saying "home, sweet home," is the perfect service for when you have a hardy renovation project. It will match you with the best contractors to achieve your renovation goals. This program was founded by the trained architect Jean Brownhill, who created this service after her stressful attempt to renovate her Brooklyn home. She wanted to make renovation more accessible for all! 

    The Sweeten service works in three easy steps: 

    1. Tell them about your renovation plans to get matched to the perfect contractor for your project.
    2. Review the list of contractors, read their reviews, choose and meet your favorites.
    3. After meeting your top choices, pick your favorite one and get renovating!

    Here is what one of the customers said about the experience: "We had a vision of what we wanted the space to look like, and they were able to turn it into reality. We honestly couldn't be happier with the outcome of our new kitchen."


    Ivy is the perfect mobile, on-the-go software program for you creative designers, struggling to organize and manage your project! It is by far one of the best project management programs that is used already by many talented interior designers! It makes task management easier so that you can focus on what really matters-- your creative and innovative designs!

    Some key features included are: 

    • Easy online payments
    • Auto-sync important documents and payments using QuickBooks Online Integration.
    • Free, dedicated support from the Ivy Team
    • Connect with thousands of designers
    • Customizable templates of proposals, tear sheets, invoices, and purchase orders
    • Integrated Calendar-- easily sync your schedule from your Google/Outlook/ iCal Calendar!
    • On-the-go usage because it's a mobile app!
    • Ivy Product Clipper will save hours to time for you when you're searching for vendor products online.

    One proud user stated: “Ivy creates a platform of excellence by continually refining its user-friendly features, listening to its client base, and striving for excellence to be the best in the industry.”

    The app offers two payment plans: Monthly and Yearly 

    • Monthly- Ivy Starter $39/month, Ivy Basic $69/monthIvy Pro $149/month
    • Yearly- Ivy Starter $319/year, Ivy Basic $749/yearIvy Pro $1599/year

    Houzz AR Tool

    Houzz is the home decor company that combines professional services and furniture shopping into one platform. The company was launched in 2009 and is still privately owned.

    Houzz has an app with a View in My Room 3D tool that enables shoppers to virtually furnish their home with Houzz furniture, as well as hang wall products such as paintings, true to scale. Houzz writes: "People can get inspired from the 15 million home design photos on Houzz, discover products they love in the photos, view them in AR, and instantly buy them from the comfort of their home, without having to go to a furniture store.". The app is free and a great tool to visualize a room before furnishing it.


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    Author: Michelle Choi

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