Why startups should hack IKEA for the ultimate office space

You have a small business idea and you have just moved into a new space. Your team, no matter how small it is, is excited. With a business so early in its makings, costs are high while profits are low. Nonetheless, even with these constraints, you have to create an office space that is fresh and inviting. 

The early stages of a business are when people need the most inspiration. So here is a practical hack we created for IKEA furniture to create the ultimate office space. 

The ultimate hack is an idea we named Norse Interiors. Not only are we a brand that focuses on sustainability, but we have created the best solution to update your Ikea furniture. Many small-scale businesses initially purchase Ikea drawers for storage space. It may look a little bland and uninviting, which is the only downfall. So that's where we come in to save the day. 


Make it custom to your business

 At Norse, we customize storage spaces with the doors, top panels, side panels, legs and pulls for the Besta and Malm products from IKEA. Here are examples of the Besta, without customization, used for storage space.


Ikea Besta in workplace

Source: Jerusalem Home

besta office design startup storage

Source: iDoRoom

A bit bland, right?

This same Besta Product can be spiced up with a custom design that shouts personality. With Norse, you can choose the pattern, color, and accessories of surfaces and handles. Here at Norse, we can provide over 1000 variations for your storage cabinets. Updating your furniture has never been easier and more customizable. 

Check out these awesome updates of the Besta using Norse :

customize office storage space ikea

Source: Jennifer Hagler

storage office space ikea

Source: Andrea Wilson

ikea tv stand besta office design

Source: Norse Interiors 

Small updates can go a long way, your office space will become fresher and more pleasant. You might even strike up a conversation or two with the eye-catching designs and colors we have, your office space will become inviting.


Get a better price

Norse Interiors is also a startup, we empathize with the difficulties that come with creating a business from scratch. Because we love startups so much, commercial purchases are given a 10% discount, woohoo! 

There's more though... If you have a design idea, not in our catalog, we offer custom designs for larger commercial projects.

office space business storage idea furniture

Source: Lara Bobo


Join our commitment to sustainability

Did I mention we assume responsibility for our impact on the world? Not many companies can vouch for that. When you are purchasing our products we can guarantee that all of our products are made in America. No outsourcing and unfair wages here. 

We also care about the environment, so our wood is made from green building compliant wood certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Our wood comes from responsible sources!

recyclable sustainable


We love customer feedback at Norse Interiors. In the process of updating your office, if you accessorize with Norse, make sure to send us your pictures! Most pictures in this post were provided by our amazing customers.


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Author: Merve Kadayifci

Main Photo Credit: The All I Need

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