How our customers are our best product developers

As we look back, it's amazing how "obvious" some of these developments seem, but that's just the beauty of customer feedback: you get a practical perspective of what people want from your product. 
These are a few examples of how our customers have trailblazed product development for us.  

1. The DIY option when choosing colors 

Love our designs but can't find the right color you want? Here's what another customer pitched: Have a DIY option where the customer orders a primed "blank slate" of any one of our Norse designs and then has the liberty to paint it any color they want at home. Norse has a handful of colors carefully curated to complement existing IKEA Malm dressers or Besta cabinets. The DIY option lets you go beyond that to fit your exact styling needs at home or in the office

DIY option to paint cabinet and dresser in your own color
Original IKEA Besta cabinet

2. The Ilse Leg

This leg concept came about when one of our customers, Ana, simply cut the top off the Sara legs she ordered, to place it underneath the cabinet instead of on the sides. Brilliant hack!
Our Sara legs are designed so that the steel partially runs up the side of the cabinet. But if you're looking to achieve a hidden steel leg that still lifts up your furniture, then the Ilse leg is the way to go. 

3. The matte black finish for Sara and Ilse steel legs

This recent launch can be traced back to when one customer, Xavier, hacked our chrome Sara legs and painted them in black to compliment his custom, handmade credenza. The final touch looked stunning and inspired us to start producing the steel legs in a matte black finish. 
We know a good idea when we hear one, especially when it ends in happy and inspired customers.

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Author: Katherine Burzynski

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