How to make your IKEA furniture look more expensive

We all love the simplicity and classic designs IKEA offers its consumers, but what happens when you want something a little more upscale, or a piece of furniture that's more personalized to your style? IKEA hacks are the way to go!

Here are five simple ways you can customize and upgrade your IKEA furniture.



1. Knobs and pulls

A super simple way to add some excitement to your room is to simply change, or add knobs and pulls to your IKEA furniture. This is a great way to make a simple piece to stand out. The metallic finish of chrome or brass can add glamour to your room and make the furniture piece feel luxurious and elevated without changing too much. It's a perfect addition to any room in the house.


Chrome Knob Kristina

Chrome and lucite knob on a cabinet

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


The Kristina chrome knob from Norse Interiors has a unique design that mixes chrome and lucite. This piece will give your furniture the personalized look you desire.


Brass Pull Ingrid

Brass pull on cabinet

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


The Ingrid pull in brass really stands out against any piece of furniture making it a great piece that adds some glamour to your office space, bedroom, or wherever you decide to put it.


Copper Mountain Cabinet Ring Pull

Copper ring pull on cabinet

(Photo credit: The Pink Dream)


For a more modern look try the cabinet ring pull from Copper Mountain. Their circular design creates a look that stands out from the rest of the room.


2. Furniture legs

You might be thinking “Who even notices the legs on furniture?”, but you would be surprised as to how much this small change can affect the feel of the room. You can make your furniture pieces seem brand new with a new set of legs. Wooden legs are quite popular and there are many choices to choose from. You can choose from a sleek and simple leg design to a fun and different rounded leg. The options are limitless.


Furniture Leg Sara 

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


The steel Sara leg adds a sophisticated and elegant look and can make a piece of old furniture feel new again. The leg comes in brass, chrome, and matte black.


Bemz Terence Leg

rounded furniture legs on a cabinet

(Photo credit: Bemz)


The Bemz Terence leg has a more unique circular design. The Chunky design is a great way to show off your personality and can make your furniture feel different than the typical design.


3. Make it float

Having a floating piece of furniture has been on the rise for some time now. You can put a floating piece anywhere in the house, it’s so versatile and really fits in with any room. It adds the element of something new into a room Having a floating shelf is great for storage especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Having a piece of floating furniture can also be an easy way to create a focal point. There are so many options for how to style and what to do with floating pieces you will never run out of inspiration.


Floating Besta Cabinet

Floating besta cabinet

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


Look how this Besta cabinet gets transformed into a beautiful focal point, simply by making it float.


Floating Kellax Nightstand

Floating Kellax drawer as a nightstand

(Photo credit: The Sorry Girls)


Floating furniture can go anywhere even a bedroom. Look at how the floating nightstand elevates the room and creates a more trendy atmosphere.


Floating Lack Shelves

Floating Lack shelves in a kitchen

(Photo credit: Young House Love)


Adding floating shelves to your kitchen creates new storage to not only hold your kitchen utensils but to let you decorate and show your personality.


4. Change the tops

Changing the top panels of a piece of furniture is another great way to elevate your IKEA furniture. Tabletops are so simple yet, they can have such an impact on the furniture. Changing the top panels is a bold way to show off your style.


Wood Tops

Norse Interiors wood tops
(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


The natural wood collections from Norse have changed the game for customization. Having a wood top is great for a statement piece of furniture. This top creates a beautiful contrast between the top panel and the bottom panels of your IKEA furniture. Each piece is handmade which truly gives a unique feel to each piece.



Marble counter top in kitchen

(Photo credit: IKEA)


Marble tops are very in style right now. They bring a certain elegance to the space and add texture and pattern while still being able to blend into any room.



Glass top on black dresser

(Photo credit: IKEA)


Glass tops are a simple way to change the finish of a piece of furniture. It can make a piece of furniture feel sleeker. Glass tops also can help protect furniture which is just an added plus.


5. Switch the fronts

Adding different fronts or paneling can be a great way to not only upgrade your IKEA furniture but can be a great way to show off your personal style as well.


Norse Interiors' Joan drawer fronts

Joan cabinet fronts

(Photo credit: Norse Interiors)


The Joan front has a pattern consisting of a series of arches that repeat and overlap. This is a perfect design to upgrade your IKEA furniture with and brings and an element of chic style to your room.


Overlay Danika Design

Overlay design on an IKEA cabinet

(Photo credit: Overlay Designs)


The Danika design is a perfect example of the fun patterns you can use over your furniture to make it pop. You can change the style of any room with overlapping patterns and designs.


Panyl Designs

Panyl designs covering a cabinet

(Photo credit: Panyl Designs)


Panyl designs create a simple way to add color to your room. Adding pops of color to furniture is a great way to show off your style and upgrade your furniture.

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Author: Paisley McKevitt

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