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We collaborated with Bonnie Ryan, a professional photographer and interior design blogger, on a beautiful walnut triple-door Besta. Bonnie has inspired countless homeowners over the last several years with her blog, curated and customized projects, and design tips. She was kind enough to answer some of our questions and give us a tour of her home in Edmonton, Canada.  

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie states: "Creating a Home Decor & Design blog has been a dream of mine for so many years. I hope I can inspire you, help you create spaces you love and spaces you never want to leave. I believe our homes can be sanctuaries from the chaos of the world, a safe and happy place for all. More than anything I hope that I can inspire other’s to want this for their homes too. Happiness starts at home." Below are Bonnie's answers to our Home Tour Q&As.  

Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is definitely a mixture of a few. I love modern transitional, but with a little modern farmhouse and french country mixed in. I mix the two by bringing in old, found elements for character and coziness. 

Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

What is your favorite part of the design process?

My favorite part of the design process is seeing my vision come to life. I have recently been making some changes in our new kitchen, to make it a little more me and a little warmer. Making my spaces feel welcoming and cozy, yet new and fresh, is so fun for me. Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

Where do you go for design inspiration?

Pinterest and Instagram are my favorites, but I also love browsing through beautiful design books too. 

Can you name three key things to consider when decorating a room?

One of the first things to consider when decorating a room is cohesion. Then, you want to think about flow and functionality as well. All three of these are equally important when designing a space. Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important? What's the key to balancing these two? 

They are both equally important in my book. You can't have a pretty room that doesn't function well, just like you can't have a well-functioning room that isn't pretty. Pretty things bring me joy, and so does a room I can use and love!

Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

What's your favorite part of your home that you would never part from? 

In our new Edmonton home, I love our dining room. I chose a dark forest green limewash for the walls, and I love how it feels like a cozy, intimate space that you don't want to leave. Green is my favorite color, and it was a bit of a risk, but the limewash makes the walls look like velvet, or suede. Pretty cool stuff.

Designer Bonnie Ryan's home for Norse Interiors home tour

How important is sustainability when buying furniture/home decor?

I love using old with new! I have many found, vintage or repurposed items in my home. I would say it's very important to me. 

What home décor should you invest in vs. thrift?

I think that depends on the person and what you can find thrifting. When I thrift, I don't just look for things that are pretty, but things that could be pretty with a little love. Also, some locations' antiques and thrift stores can be quite expensive. I look at thrifting as a treasure hunt. Sometimes it pays off; other times it doesn't, but finding that treasure can be pretty awesome.

Bonnie Ryan's home for a Norse Interiors home tour

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