This Black Friday we're going green

Black Friday is canceled this year. We canceled it last year and the year before that one as well. Instead of dropping prices for a weekend, we make a longer commitment by giving back. During November, we pledge to plant at least one tree for every product we sell. Wood is our main source of material, which is why we think it's essential to replant what we're using. In 2020, we planted about 1000 trees, and in 2021 we planted the equivalent of 2 acres of reforestation in Oregon and California.


We partnered with One Tree Planted

Every year up to 7 billion trees are cut down for furniture use, which is one reason we do Black Friday and Cyber Monday differently. We want to limit our environmental footprint and make sustainable decisions as a company. We're continuing our tradition of pledging to plant one tree for every product we sell in November. To accomplish this, we partner with One Tree Planted, a fantastic non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. They plant trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

Sustainable furniture from Norse Interiors


How we limit our environmental footprint

We believe that the less waste we create, the more beautiful the product. Norse was founded on a few core values - Our products need to be not only beautiful, durable, and sustainable without compromising on the balance of nature. We stay true to Scandinavian design and ethics.

Instead of throwing out old IKEA furniture, you can replace the fronts or add new hardware to breathe new life into it! This also creates something completely personal to you. If you don't have IKEA furniture already, you can buy the Besta frame from IKEA without doors and add ours for a zero-waste custom piece.

Astrid fronts and paneling in luxe green on a Besta from IKEA

Astrid double doors and paneling in luxe green on an IKEA Besta frame 102.458.46 with Sara black legs and Elisabeth black knobs


So let’s have a better approach to Black Friday. Have a mindful shopping experience. Explore our collections to breathe new life into your IKEA furniture and to one new tree on our planet.



For every order we planted a tree, amounting to two acres (or two football fields) of reforestation. This year the focus is on areas affected by forest fires that cannot recover a healthy ecosystem on their own.

Forest fires are increasing in size and severity every year, damaging vital ecosystems and creating a need for millions of trees to be replanted. The consequences of forest fires are significant loss of wildlife and vegetation, soil erosion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. It is essential for reforestation in areas where wildfires burned off available seed supply within the soil and where there are not enough healthy trees growing and producing new seeds.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to give back to nature. Each tree donated is carefully selected and planted to restore the local ecosystem, re-establish wildlife habitat, and reduce the likelihood of future fires.

To donate a bit extra to this cause and learn more, please visit One Tree Planted's website.



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