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We reached out to our Trade Partner Karlee Andrews for a private home tour because every inch of her home has been designed and constructed by her and her husband, one room at a time. Talk about putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your work. The Andrews have created (and are constantly upgrading) an absolutely stunning house for their family. Take a peek inside and learn more about Karlee's design decisions, process, and her Norse piece! 


Meet Karlee Andrews

Karlee is the co-founder and designer at Stitch Direct, a wholesale women's clothing company delivering on-trend, great quality products for retailers and boutiques during regular work hours. Karlee and her husband use their passion for interior design to transform their home using budget DIY projects all other hours of the week. 

Karlee Andrews home tour photo


Renovating a home one room at a time can be very tiring, so what keeps you guys motivated? 

Yes, it can be very exhausting, but it’s also really rewarding. There’s something about dreaming up a space, then creating a design and making it come to life that is absolutely thrilling. I’ll never get over the feeling! 

Karlee Andrews home tour photo


What’s the most elaborate thing you’ve done to upcycle a piece of furniture?

We saved our primary bathroom cabinets and repainted them for our remodel. It was a lot of time and effort, but it saved a ton of money. Plus, our cabinets were in great shape, so we felt no need to waste and get new ones!

Karlee Andrews home tour photo


How important is sustainability (for both mother nature and your wallet) when working on home projects? 

Sustainability is super important. I think that creating a space that you will love for a really long time will make you the happiest in your home, and keeping longevity in mind also has a positive impact on our planet. If we aren’t always changing our décor to the latest trends, we are helping not only our wallets but the earth! So it’s definitely something to think about when planning your space.

Karlee Andrews home tour photo


Have you ever experienced creative blocks? If so, how do you move past them?

Definitely! I think the best thing that you can do when you have a creative block is to give it time. I am very much a go with your gut person, and sometimes the design just doesn’t feel right. Reworking and giving myself time to digest and really think about the space leads to a final product that I’m happy with. Don’t rush it! 

Karlee Andrews home tour photo


How did you come to your design decisions when creating your custom Norse piece? How does it fit into your home aesthetic?

I knew that I wanted a custom built-in look for the media wall in our basement, but hiring a custom cabinet company was not in the budget. I was having difficulty figuring out a solution that would look really upscale and bold but that didn’t cost a fortune. That’s why I was so happy when I came across Norse Interiors. I immediately fell in love with the cane detail on the Besta cabinet fronts. Especially in black! The cane detail adds warmth, but the black is both neutral and bold. I love how the piece turned out. I constantly get compliments on it! 

Pictured above: Karlee Andrews' custom cane 4-door console using two Besta frames (item ). 



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