5 DIY ideas to give your furniture new life

Sometimes we need something new in our lives. In this case, you may be wondering how to give your home a new look in a resourceful and affordable way. No need to look far, as we have a few DIY ideas you can use to revamp your current furniture in your home.

1. Add contact paper or fabric

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of contact paper and fabric when wanting to renew a piece of furniture. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit every person’s home style. These materials can personalize various furniture pieces such as side tables, drawers, and chairs, to name a few. All you will need for this quick and easy DIY makeover is Mod Podge.

Ikea coffee table with marble contact paper on top

This coffee table from Ikea is set with beautiful marble contact paper on it's top and edges.


2. Swap accessories

Bring new life to an old couch or chair by adding new accents. Consider buying a small number of throw pillows and blankets to swap through throughout the different seasons. This is an inexpensive and simple way to bring new colors and textures to a room. These accents will not only add comfort but also make your furniture pop with new life.

Brown leather couch with several throw pillows and a blanket in a living area

This brown leather couch is accented with throw pillows and blankets from amazon.com.

3. Use new hardware

Handles and knobs play an integral role in adding personality to a furniture piece. Adding knobs, drawer pulls, and handles can give your furniture a whole new look at an affordable cost. We offer knobs and pulls that can be attached to any type of furniture in a variety of shapes and colors. Adding new hardware is an easy way to add character to old furniture pieces.

 norse joan drawer fronts on IKEA malm dresser

Joan drawer fronts on a Malm dresser from IKEA with our Elisabeth brass knobs.

4. Add a fresh coat of paint

You can’t go wrong with paint. Painting your old wood or plastic furniture will give it a fresh new look and style. You can paint your furniture as a whole, paint only the drawers, or add an accenting pattern or design. There’s a lot of free creativity that comes with painting that allows for a personable piece. Be sure to prime your furniture before painting to avoid chipping in your furniture’s new life.

 wooden dresser painted green with attachable mirror

Dresser with rounded mirror and frame detailed with wooden drawer pulls painted green.

5. Change upholstery

After a few years of purchasing a new couch, you may have noticed that the color it once was, is no more. Getting new upholstery will give your couch a fresh new color and feel. However, it can be a difficult task, but you’re in luck if you purchased from big-box stores such as IKEA. IKEA offers a variety of colors for many of its most popular pieces. Changing your upholstery will give you a brand-new couch the affordable way.

 IKEA sandbacken 3 seat corner sofa

 IKEA cover for the sandbacken 3-seat corner sofa.

Check out this amazing upgrade from our customer Diane in Florida. She revamped her 3-door IKEA Besta sideboard with our charcoal black Rosa doors and matching paneling. She finished the look with chrome Sara and Ilse legs. "We are so happy with how this project came out. I have another two door Besta- that will be our next project for sure!" Diane said. 


Before Besta upgrade


Rosa triple door charcoal Besta



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