Tired of your home décor? Here's how to give your home new life.

It happens to the best of us, every few years, we get tired of our furniture and want to change things up. Restyling your home without breaking the bank, and being mindful of the earth's resources, is all about finding a bridge between old and new items. Our design advisors have highlighted some of the easiest tips to switch up the style of your home, while still keeping your sentimental pieces. 


Start with a rug

When redecorating on a budget, a good place to start with an area rug. Pick a new rug that matches the furniture already there, and pull the coordinating colors from that. Changing out the pillows and curtains based on the colors of the rug will also go a long way to making a room feel fresh and cohesive.

A common mistake when restyling a room is to add more of the colors in the most dominant piece of furniture in the room. It’s better to neutralize the boldness of dominant patterns by softening the surrounding area. 

A colorful area rug with matching pillows and chair from Insider.com

This image of an area rug with corresponding pillows and accent chair from Insider.com is the perfect example of pulling colors from a center source.


Give it a makeover 

Unless there is personal significance or sentimentality to a piece of furniture, why not update it?! You will likely find that a fresh coat of paint or new fronts on an old dresser or credenza is just the thing to bring it up to date and to make it come to life. Just by simply changing out a pull or knob, you can update the look of a piece of furniture and add a whole new feel to it.

Eleanor doors on a walnut Besta from IKEA

This walnut frame from IKEA (item 102.458.46got a makeover with our Eleanor doors in earthy sand, black Sara legs, and black Marlen knobs.


Mix in a little new

Sometimes, old pieces have to go and you can bring in a fresh replacement. This is a great way to start slowly introducing the style you’re more aligned with. When you build in a few pieces at a time, it’s also more affordable than buying everything at once. Adding new art work above your old TV stand might make a huge impact. It’s also good to look to other rooms of the home for possible things to swap. Making the most of what you already have is a great way to be sustainable.

Marie perfect gray doors on a Besta tv stand from IKEA

This living room incorporated pieces from the home and added our Marie doors in perfect grey, polished brass Sara legs, and Elisabeth brass knobs to their Besta. 

Think about ways you can get extra creative in your DIY projects, like adding in a wallpaper to furniture for pops of colors or patterns. Create a small statement wall if you have a tiny bathroom or closet that people might see often. We'd love to see the sustainable ways you've redecorated in your home. Tag us on Instagram using #NorseInteriors


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