Easy upcycling hacks for your furniture

Refurbishing, stooping, thrifting, and upcycling are just some of the trends that have been sweeping the nation. As Earth Day approaches, we want to remind you that there are countless ways to upcycle your furniture. 

Reducing what goes into landfills, minimizing the use of natural resources, and having one-of-a-kind items are just a few of the reasons we are so passionate about upcycling your furniture rather than buying new. 

Focusing on sustainability and refurbishing old pieces, we bring you products that are customizable and adaptable to more than just IKEA pieces. Take a look at what some of our creative clients have done! 

Swap out old legs

This custom piece by Sara Chen uses our black Sara legs on a used wooden dresser, and it looks stunning. Our luxurious steel legs elevate your pieces 6 3/4" while adding a sleek modern look. 

Norse Interior's black Sara legs on an up-cycled wooden dresser.
Sara black legs on an upcycled wooden dresser by Sara Chen. 


Revamp the doors 

Sarah Lyons from Apartment Therapy gave our cane doors a try when revamping her single door IKEA Besta frame. She also added our Sara legs to this DYI home bar for a touch of modern glamour. 

Can doors in white lace on a single unit Besta from IKEA.
Cane doors in white lace on a single Besta frame from IKEA with our Sara black legs


Add a new color

Our customer Jordan Tripp bought this Malm nightstand for cheap, swapped out the drawer fronts and added hardware to create this brand new piece. Adding Silver Sage fronts was just the color pop he was looking for. 

Susan drawer fronts on a Malm nightstand from IKEA.
Susan drawer fronts on a Malm nightstand from IKEA with our Elisabeth chrome knobs.


Switch up the hardware

New hardware made all the difference when client Audrey Crisp added our drawer fronts and Elisabeth brass knobs to her old Malm dresser in her child's nursery. It looks stunning. 

Norse Interior's brass Elisabeth knobs with Eleanor drawer fronts on a Malm dresser from IKEA.
Eleanor drawer fronts on a Malm dresser from IKEA with out Elisabeth brass knobs.


These are just some examples of easy ways to give your pieces a fresh look. We'd love to see the before and after pictures of your upcycling projects. Tag us on instagram and use #Norseinteriors and #EarthDay to spread the word about the sustainable side of Home Décor. 



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