The best IKEA office hacks on a budget

While working from home has become part of our routines, our home office setups may not be the ideal working environment. Whether you have a dedicated home office or are taking over the kitchen table, there are a ton of budget-friendly IKEA office hacks you can try to upgrade your workspace. 

There’s a reason IKEA has long been a go-to for simple, timeless furniture. Not only are IKEA pieces reliable and foundational, but they can be easily customized to fit your home office style and needs.  


Custom built-in 

If you don’t have a dedicated office in the house, you may need to create a workspace within an existing layout. This is where custom built-ins usually come into play. Built-in home office furniture is made to fit into the exact space that you need and is key to utilizing wall space and creating additional storage. While anything custom is typically a big investment, you don’t need a big budget or as much room for a built-in desk as you may think. 

Built-in home office furniture

For this desk hack, @renovationrivendell used two Hemnes chests as the base for a built-in desk space in the corner of a bedroom. The additional shelving on top adds height and creates an organized storage system. 


Unique light fixtures  

Chic lighting adds the perfect finishing touch to any home office, not to mention helps with productivity. But you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a unique fixture when IKEA offers simple lights that can easily be elevated on a budget. 

Chic lighting

Take this DIY project from Sugar & Cloth, as an example. This tutorial illustrates how a quick layer of metallic gold spray paint can make a big statement. 


Double desk

Do you need an office space designed for more than one person? Whether you have several family members working from home or need to create a spacious set up for office activities, a double desk may be just what your workspace needs. Before you start shopping for a large enough desk to fit your space, you may want to rethink what you already have — especially if it’s from IKEA. Several IKEA pieces can be used to make a completely custom desk for your home office. 

Custom desk for two using three Hemnes dressers and wooden countertops

Emily of Jones Design Company created a custom desk for two using three Hemnes dressers and two long wooden countertops, also from IKEA. The result is an elegant and streamlined look with plenty of space to spread out and work. 


Cane door storage 

The key to keeping your office clean and organized is creating plenty of storage space. But gone are the days of the dated filing cabinet or clunky plastic bins — storage can, and should, be as stylish as it is functional. 

Cane doors on IKEA Besta sideboard

Consider taking the Besta TV Stand from IKEA and making a few simple swaps to create a unique piece for your office. Paint it, add cane doors and create height by adding brass hardware.  


Utilizing a small space 

With a little creativity, any corner of any room can be turned into a working area, no matter how small space. If all you need to get some work done is a laptop or a notebook, you likely don’t need a ton of desk space. If this is the case, several IKEA desk hacks are a great fit for a small space. 

Desk IKEA Ekbeby shelf wood boards

Lauren Koster reinvented the IKEA Ekby Alex shelf by adding wood boards to the exterior and adding hairpin legs. The result is a slim and chic desk that can be tucked behind a couch or in a small corner to make for a convenient workspace. You can find her tutorial here. 



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Author: Sam Lauron

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