Customizing the Sektion wall cabinet from IKEA with Norse

The Sektion frame (item 902.654.68) measures 30x14 3/4x40 " as a single frame and 60x 14 3/4x40 " when two frames are connected. You can get top panels for both sizes from Norse. Our doors come in multiple painted finishes, cane, as well as walnut and white oak. Please note that you need to buy hinges from IKEA called Utrusta (item 805.248.82) to attach our doors.


Mounting the Sektion sideboard on the wall

The frame is originally designed to hang on the wall, and the package from IKEA includes wall attaching plates. To mount it, you need a suspension rail from IKEA (item 602.615.27), which you cut down to the length needed.

Locate and mark where you plan to mount the cabinets. The rail runs along the cabinet's top edge, making the marks where you want to place the top of the cabinets. Attach the suspension rail and mounting bolts to hang the frame, preferably before adding our doors and panels.

Cane doors and panels in Earthy Sand on Sektion sideboard IKEATwo connected Sektion frames with our cane doors and panels in Earthy Sand, hanging on the wall.

Keep the Sektion sideboard on the floor or add legs

Eleanor doors and panels in Perfect Gray Sektion sideboard IKEATwo connected Sektion frames with our Eleanor doors and panels in Perfect Gray and matte black Cornelia pulls, standing on the floor. 

If you'd like to keep your sideboard on the ground, we provide felt risers to put on the four bottom corners of the frame to elevate the doors a bit off the ground. This adds the necessary height for easy opening of the doors. You can also add legs to the Sektion frames, in which case you don't need to add the felt risers, but please attach them to the wall for maximum safety. If you want to use our legs, we recommend 4x Sara or Ilse legs for the single frame and 4x Sara and 2x Ilse legs (or 6x Ilse legs) for the double frame. Remember to add the panels before the legs.

White oak doors and panels on Sektion sideboard IKEAA single Sektion frame dressed in our white oak doors and panels, with Sara legs and Agnes pulls.

Tip: If you don't plan to hang the frames, you don't need to add the plates in the back of the Sektion.


Why add top and side panels?

Add top and side panels if you wish to create a second skin for the Sektion frame. Our panels match the doors in material and finish but are thinner than the doors (3/8" vs. 3/4"). They are attached with a super-strong adhesive tape, which gains maximum strength after 72 hours, which allows you to adjust them during installation.

Since it's a wall cabinet, we also offer the option only to add a top panel to cover the cam locks on top of the frame.

Close-up of cam locks on Sektion wall cabinet IKEAClose-up of cam locks on top of a Sektion wall cabinet frame with Astrid doors in white lace.

The Sektion frame with all three options 1) doors 2) doors and top, 3) doors with top and side panels.


The final touch

We recommend adding knobs or pulls to finish the look of this sideboard. Our Agnes and Cornelia pulls are a perfect match with our legs, but there are plenty of options available. If you don't want to add hardware, we recommend buying a push-opener from IKEA. 


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