5 stunning storage designs using IKEA frames

IKEA cabinet boxes are like Lego blocks for adults. The Besta, Sektion, and Malm series from IKEA that we customize at Norse Interiors are commonly used as consoles, sideboards, and dressers, respectively. The best part about customizing furniture is that you're not limited to those uses! You can rearrange, stack, mount, or move them around to fit your space. Then, finish the look with custom fronts, panels, and hardware

Our design advisors are pros at helping you create a completely custom design to fulfill your storage needs and bring your vision to life. At Norse, we offer complimentary 15-minute consultations, where you work together to pick out Norse items and build IKEA shopping lists, so you get the look you always wanted without overspending. Our advisors wanted to share five beautiful configurations they've designed for Norse clients by thinking outside the box with IKEA pieces. 


Create an eye-catching entryway piece

Entryway bench configuration from Norse Interiors using IKEA Besta

Our design experts help create numerous entryway benches, mudroom cabinet pieces, and foyer storage. This bench was designed for a client - a long piece against the wall you see as soon as you walk in the front door. This piece is made by two 25"H Besta frames 302.458.50 with single Besta doors on both ends and a 15" Besta frame 004.740.70 in the middle with triple Besta doors. It measures out to be 117.5"W x 15"D, and the seating area is 15" off the ground with 25"H storage cubes on both ends. The bench area can be cozied up with cushions and pillows of your choosing. 

This is the piece come to life. She's the perfect combination of mid-century modern and monochromatic traditional.  Besta bench from Norse Interiors customizing IKEA


Design unconventional credenzas

Custom configurations from Norse Interiors using IKEA Sektion

Sideboards and credenzas are the most popular piece we customize, but we encourage customers to turn a basic IKEA frame into a functional yet bespoke work of art. This sideboard uses two IKEA Sektion frames 902.654.68 and a set of 4 Sektion doors. It's designed to be mounted on the wall with a corresponding floating shelve above it.

This sideboard measures 60"W x 14"D x 40"H. Our advisors can give you the closest match from your local paint store if you'd like to make shelving to match your piece, or you can go to your local lumber yard and get a piece of natural wood sized to go above the combined Sektions. 


Turn your media console into full-wall storage

Custom configurations from Norse Interiors using IKEA Besta

Just like basic sideboards, we want our customers to take advantage of how modular IKEA pieces can be, so we've designed countless media centers and consoles that liven up a room beyond belief. This configuration uses 25" Besta frames 702.998.79 and 102.458.46 with five medium Besta doors from Norse on the bottom. This base console measures 117.5"W x 15"D x 25"H.

Mounted on the walls aside from the TV are four individual 15" Besta frames 702.458.48 used as either open shelving or closed storage with single Norse Besta doors.  


Host in style with a mounted bar area

Custom configurations from Norse Interiors using IKEA Besta

This was one of our favorite project designs this year. As people began to gather again, this client wanted to revamp their home bar. By mounting 15" Besta frames 004.740.70 and 602.458.44 higher up on the wall and customizing with five small painted Besta doors, this created a counter-ish space that can accommodate stools without looking too bulky.

Up top for extra storage, there are two 15" Besta frames 602.458.44 with two sets of small cane double doors. The top storage section measures 94"W x 15"D x 15"H, and the lower storage section measures 117.5"W x 15"D x 15"H. Mixing the painted fronts with cane or wood has been a super popular trend in 2022. 


Design your dream office space

Custom configurations from Norse Interiors using IKEA Bestas

This IKEA piece allows you to personalize your home's workspace. This client runs a small business and needed a space with ample storage and an abundance of style. Using two of the taller Besta frames 002.458.42 and three of our Besta doors on each frame, these aesthetic cabinet towers measure out to be 23.5"W x 15"D x 75"H each. With a bit of DIY magic, any piece of wood from a local lumber yard can be secured in between the frames to act as a desk space. At Norse Interiors, we understand the importance of comfort, style, and functionality while working from home or in any office space. 

This is the piece come to life. This DIY desktop in between Bestas turned out even better than we imagines, matching the cane's earthy feel beautifully. Jen's DIY IKEA desk with Norse Interiors cane fronts

We hope these configurations spark some inspiration for you in your next project. During a consultation, you can go through several versions of a layout until you find an arrangement that fits our vision, expresses your unique style, and ensures you always have enough storage. Show off your customized pieces by tagging @norseinteriorson InstagramTikTok, and Pinterest


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