The 2022 best IKEA hacks found on TikTok

We don't know a single interior enthusiast who doesn't stay up later than they anticipated favoriting a plethora of TikTok DIY projects. We're crazy about IKEA hacking, and we see such value in these projects for making your home unique without breaking the bank. TikTok has changed the game for how designers and other handy home-lovers deliver quality content and inspiration to you.

Whether you want to be more sustainable or you've got a project budget you need to stick to, the best IKEA hacks are an affordable and straightforward way to give a piece a fresh look without breaking the bank. Rolling up your sleeves and revamping your IKEA furniture makes your space more one-of-a-kind and proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get that refined look.

1.) Turn Eket IKEA cabinets into a dream credenza

@accordingtomandy turned 2 eket ikea cabinets into her dream credenza.

@Accordingtomandy turned two Eket IKEA cabinets into her dream credenza. It's amazing what a little creativity and a trip to IKEA and Home Depot can do to a simple piece once you roll your sleeve up. 


2.) Hacking small mirrors into an eye-catching piece 
@alexandramcconnell91 hacked small mountable mirrors into a large eye-catching piece.

After aligning the tape border perfectly, @alexandramcconnell91 hacked small mountable mirrors into a large eye-catching piece. Who would have thought painting the wall and then putting mirrors over it would look so sleek?


3.) Two IKEA Bestas turn into fabulous cane cabinets  
Rachel Martino on Tiktok

@rachelmartino hacked two IKEA Bestas (item number 702.998.79) with Norse Interiors cane triple doors, and they looked fabulous. These Norse doors are a perfect match with IKEA's white Besta finish, so all Rachel had to do was assemble the cabinet frames and add the doors. This is a DIY made easy, and we love it.


4.) Easy headboard DIY using rolled rattan
@nataliedoef wow'ed us with an easy IKEA headboard DIY using rolled rattan. 

@nataliedoef wow'ed us with an easy IKEA headboard DIY using rolled rattan. She has her cane care routine down pat, so Natalie looked like a pro attaching and securing the rolled rattan after soaking it.  


5.) Kallax cubical into a beautiful bright sideboard.
@mandy.paulino hacked a Kallax cubical into a beautiful bright sideboard.

@mandy.paulino hacked a Kallax cubical into a beautiful bright sideboard. You'd never recognize this basic cubical storage piece thanks to the handmade doors with stunning cane inlay. 

Hacking IKEA with Norse means you upcycle durable, inexpensive pieces to create personalized furniture that's stunning and sustainable. TikTok is so much more than a stream of funny videos and well-choreographed dances. Share your priceless home hacks with us by tagging @norseinteriors in video comments. 





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