How to hack your IKEA Sektion cabinet beyond recognition

IKEA's Sektion frames are perfect for any spot in your home that needs substantial closed storage without taking up too much floor area. The Sektion frame (item 902.654.68) measures 30"W x14 3/4"D x40"H as a single frame and 60"W x 14 3/4"D x40"H when two frames are connected. You can get top panels for both sizes from Norse.

Scandinavian interior styling is still all the rage, with neutral colors and natural textures bringing a clean look yet a warm feel to the home. Since we're a company rooted in Scandinavian design, we want to show you how to create a Sektion piece that can stand the tests of time. 

Walnut doors and paneling on two IKEA Sektion frames
Walnut doors with a matching paneling on two IKEA Sektion frames (902.654.68)

The Scandinavian design emphasizes clean spaces, functional pieces, and sustainable material. It's essential to balance out white palettes by adding some warmth with woods or other natural materials. Our Sektion doors come in multiple painted finishes, cane, walnut, and white oak. Please note that you need to buy hinges from IKEA called Utrusta (item 805.248.82) to attach our doors.

One thing that all Scandi-inspired homes have is minimalism and de-cluttered spaces. Having ample storage is a necessity, which is why we turned the Sektion kitchen cabinet into a sideboard in the first place. You can customize it to fit your space, and it's a great size for all rooms in the house.

Since the frame is originally designed to hang on the wall, the package from IKEA includes wall attaching plates. To mount it, you need a suspension rail from IKEA (item 602.615.27), which you cut down to the required length. You can also put the unit on legs to add a little extra height and further customizations to your cabinet. 

Marie doors in earthy sand on two IKEA Sektion frames
Marie doors in earthy sand with a matching paneling on two IKEA Sektion frames (902.654.68) with Agnes chrome pulls

A firm pillar in Scandinavian design is mindful shopping and using eco-friendly, sustainable materials in your home. As a company, we are passionate about limiting our environmental footprint and encouraging mindful shopping. We never chemically alter our material and only use locally sourced and SFI-certified wood. We believe that when everyday items are made well (and from high-quality materials), they can become decorative elements in their own right.

Farmhouseish Sektion office makeover

Though a little less Scandinavian, Lauren Jansen, DIY expert and owner of popular the @farmhouseish account on Instagram, definitely hacked her Sektion frames beyond recognition. She used our charcoal black Astrid Sektion doors and Ilse black legs in her office makeover, then painted the frames with a close match paint and designed a floating desk area to go in between the cabinet units. When connected horizontally, Sektion frames give the high-end "built-in cabinet" illusion and give this neutral office a total facelift. 

White cane doors and top panel for IKEA Sektion cabinet
Cane doors in white lace with a matching top panel on an IKEA Sektion frame 902.654.68

The time-honored elements of craftsmanship shine through with our doors and panels. Nicole from Pennsylvania hacked the Sektion frame above with Norse fronts and paneling to add a bit of sophisticated nordic style to her home. The white cane fronts are the perfect versatile design for creating the perfect Scandi look.

See how you can hack an IKEA Sektion using sustainable and durable material, and don't forget to send us photos so we can share your design work on our Instagram!


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