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We’re thrilled to interview interior enthusiast Debbie Crawford about her style and her custom Norse project. Every piece in this Lethbridge, Alberta home, from the finishes to the furniture, was selected with meticulous care, and it shows.


Meet Debbie Crawford

Debbie Crawford is trained as a clinical counselor and is the founder of a private counseling practice where women across Canada are supported. Looking for a place to write about her love for interior design and decor, Debbie started a blog called Fleurish Collective. Her blog has grown into a place where she also writes about mental and emotional wellness and taking steps toward designing a life that fills you up, in addition to brilliant pieces on home improvements, styling, and more.  


Debbie Crawford's home in Lethbridge, Alberta


Where do you start when designing a room?

I generally start with one of the primary focus pieces in the room (e.g., the table in the dining room, the sectional in the bonus room) and build out from there. I’ve found my design process unfolds a lot smoother if I’m building around a particular piece, as that often will set the tone for the room. I spend a lot of time scrolling and saving inspiration on Pinterest, and then I look at the collection of Pins I’ve saved and take note of any themes I see. From there, I love to create mood boards on Canva and incorporate any other pieces I’m considering for the room to see how they look all together.


Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta


What space in the home did you enjoy designing the most?

This is a tough question! We built this house last summer, and I had the best time choosing each room's different elements. But if I had to choose just one space, I’d probably say the kitchen! I’ve always dreamed of a big, bright kitchen with lots of natural light, earthy tones and elements, and a drywall hood range. Our open concept kitchen/dining room/living room is the perfect spot for hosting, and I love how it all came together.

Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta


What’s your tips on styling a sideboard/dresser?

Smaller surfaces like this are my favorite to style! I love to use some pretty tray to hold a collection of pieces (e.g., liquor on the sideboard in the dining room; a candle, and a plant in the living room), and I almost always use cookbooks or coffee table books! I’ve been collecting these for a few years, and I think they add the perfect dimension to a sideboard with a plant or candle placed on top.

Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta


What’s the key to balancing both functionality and aesthetics in a smaller space?

This is basically my ethos when it comes to home decor! I want everything in my space to be functional and/or beautiful, and I aim to collect pieces that encompass both. I’m incredibly ruthless about what I bring into our home and only ever purchase things I absolutely love or need. I’ve found that if I choose pieces that I love to display, they also end up being reached for more, so it’s a win-win. I also just love to decorate with functional things rather than a bunch of knick-knacks, so I feel better about investing a bit more into those items that I know I will use lots.

Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta


How important is sustainability and incorporating natural material when buying furniture/home décor?

I'm always drawn to natural materials in décor - some of my favorites include linen throw pillows, beautiful cane cabinets, and wood accents. Particularly because we have a new build that's quite modern, I love the contrast that rich pieces with natural materials bring to every space. I find it really grounds a room.

As far as sustainability goes, that's quite important to me! I tend to avoid trends and try to create spaces from a place of discovering what aesthetic brings me joy. I'm not afraid of empty spaces or corners in our home as I would rather it be empty than fill it with something I only sort of love. I'm willing to wait longer to find the perfect piece for a space and then invest a bit more into it if needed rather than have a revolving door of pieces. When I'm patient and lean into finding joy in the process, I've found that I end up with spaces I love for a really long time.

Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta


Debbie styling her Norse console

I searched high and low for a media stand that I loved and kept coming up empty-handed. I've truly fallen in love with Norse's ethos and its mission to upcycle plain pieces into works of art in your home. There were so many great options to choose from when we went to customize our IKEA Besta, and I absolutely love how it turned out! It's truly a custom look but on a better budget.

Debbie Crawford's home Lethbridge, Alberta

Pictured above: Debbie Crawford's custom cane triple doors on a bare white Besta frame (item 702.998.79) accessorized with Sara and Ilse black legs


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