Create the perfect entryway storage with IKEA Sektion cabinets

Whether you have a tiny entryway or a spacious foyer, here's how to keep it tidy with a custom storage option made just for you. The entryway area of the house is the first thing everyone sees when they enter your home, so it needs to be both functional and representative of your home's overall style. From decorating possibilities to optimizing organizable space, we're sharing the most practical elements of using our Sektion collection for entryway or mudroom storage.


Size matters

Finding the perfect sized piece for your entryway or mudroom is important because maximizing the usable space is crucial. You want the piece to fit in perfectly and look like it was made just for your space. The Sektion frame we use for our sideboards (item 902.654.68) measures 30x14 3/4x40" as a single frame and 60x 14 3/4x40" when two frames are connected, making it perfect for both large or small entry spaces. Once you buy the frame and Utrusta hinges (ite805.248.82) from IKEA, you're ready to customize with Norse products.

You can get top panels for both sizes, so we can help you make the IKEA piece more your style whatever storage you need. Our doors come in multiple painted finishes, cane, as well as walnut and white oak

Astrid doors in pale blush on a Sektion frame from IKEA
Astrid doors in pale blush on a Sektion frame from IKEA (item 902.654.68) with Agnes brass pulls and Sara brass legs


Dress up your space

The Sektion unit is the perfect height for hanging a mirror or art above it. If you want to brighten your entryway, we have a few great finishes that fit lighter color palettes. Hanging a mirror above your entryway console or cabinet adds both extra lighting and the illusion of more space. If you'd like to keep your sideboard on the ground, we provide felt risers to put on the four bottom corners of the frame to elevate the doors a bit off the ground. This adds the necessary height for an easy opening of the doors.

You can also add our legs to the Sektion frames, which adds 6 ¾" in height and opens up that space underneath for extra storage.

White oak doors and panels on a single Sektion frame from IKEA
White oak doors and panels on a single Sektion frame from IKEA (item 902.654.68) with 
Agnes brass pulls and Sara brass legs


Hang up the statement piece

Opt for a floating cabinet if you want to add valuable storage, but you also want an entryway that feels open and airy. Hanging your Sektion piece on the wall to make room underneath for more storage is a trick that should not be underestimated. The frame is originally designed to hang on the wall, so the package from IKEA will include wall-attaching plates already.

To mount it, you need a suspension rail from IKEA (item 602.615.27) and mark where you plan to mount the cabinets. You should hang the frame at a height that feels visually comfortable and functional for your space; this way, it’s easiest to use the surrounding area for organization needs and decor.

To optimize space even further, you could stick self-adhesive metal hooks inside the doors or on the sides of the cabinet for neat clothing and bag organization.

Cane doors in white lace on a Sektion frame from IKEA
Cane doors in white lace with a top panel on a single Sektion frame from IKEA (item 902.654.68) mounted on the wall. 


Storage that meets your space's needs

If you have a large, open-layout foyer, it can seem intimidating to work storage seamlessly into the design. All entryways require a balance of beauty and function that can sometimes seem difficult to strike without a piece tailored to your organizational needs.

When combining Sektion frames to make longer units, you create great space with elegant storage that can line your wall and leaves ample room for decorating the area. Adding stunning hardware to your unit’s doors makes it even more unique to your aesthetic, creating a statement piece guests will see as soon as they walk in the door.

Amelia doors in luxe green on three Sektion frames from IKEA
Amelia doors in luxe green with matching panels on three Sektion frames from IKEA (item 902.654.68) put together with Agnes chrome pulls


The key to an organized entryway has a place for everything. You would be surprised how much you can fit in these Sektion units, which is why we’ve turned this wall cabinet into the perfect standing storage. You shouldn’t have to settle for cookie-cutter designs and basic furniture pieces.

If you have questions on how our Sektion collection could be the missing piece your entryway needs, reach out to us on our site or book a free consultation with a design advisor. We’re always happy to help!



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