How to pick the perfect media console for your TV

As a focal point in your home, a media setup needs to be showcased and styled with taste. Having a good console is essential and customizing an aesthetically pleasing TV stand creates a welcome addition to your living space. Our design advisors have gathered the tips to guide you through picking a media set up perfect for your style and TV size.


Keep it visually balanced 

When choosing the right size media console, the basic rule of thumb is to be sure it's at least a few inches (if not feet) wider than the base of your TV. This gives your TV plenty of clearance to comfortably sit on top. Leaving room for decor and styled objects makes your media setup look more visually balanced.

The size of both the TV and the console play a considerable part in visual aesthetics. At Norse, we use the Besta series from IKEA to make completely custom media consoles. The Besta series is a personal favorite of ours because of its unbelievable versatility. You can select how many doors you need, the height the colored finish, pattern design, legs, and hardware. TVs that are smaller than a 43" look best with a double door unit. A triple door unit looks most proportional with TVs between 50" and 70". Opt for a 4-door unit or longer if you have a TV that is larger than 75".

Cane double doors on two Besta frames from IKEA
Cane double doors on two 15" Besta frames from IKEA with Sara chrome legs and Ilse chrome legs


Compliment the room layout

Choosing a comfortable viewing height is also important. The best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs. For a more unique or custom setup, measure your eye level when seated, making sure the central region of the TV isn’t far above your sightline. Working with a small or irregularly shaped room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the TV of your dreams. Even if you mount the TV independently of a stand, a wall console is helpful for adding storage capacity to the room.

Open storage TV stand
Photo source: Canva


Organization is everything

Keeping your TV stand free of clutter and cables is one of the best ways to showcase your TV. Opt for a TV stand with storage to organize media or magazines, and look for units with broad tabletop space if you want to put accent decor on display. Larger entertainment centers are perfect for arranging multiple electronics in a compact, centralized location. Having TV stands like the Besta units with cutouts for cords helps you conceal cables and things look tidy. Choose between open shelving, closed cabinets, and drawers with Besta from IKEA, depending on your style and storage needs.

Cane triple doors on a Besta frame from IKEA
Cane triple doors on a 25" Besta frame from IKEA with Marlen black knobs and Sara black legs


Stay within your color palette

There are exceptions when adding a statement piece, but the furniture you add to your living area should blend with your desired palette to keep a cohesive aesthetic in the room. Larger pieces like media consoles need to consider the size and lighting in the room as well. Choose pale neutrals, white, or light gray to make the room appear brighter and spacious. Darker tones and bold, deep colors look great but take up more vital space, so be sure you have room for them, so it doesn’t look crammed in.

Cane double doors on two Bestas from IKEA
Cane double doors on two 15" Besta frames from IKEA with Sara brass legs and Ilse brass legs styled by @susiesanders on Instagram. 

Your media setup is going to be one of the most noticeable pieces in your home, so we want everyone to find a design and finish they like, in the size they need. The unique thing about shopping with Norse is that you are your own furniture designer. Connect with our advisors and work together to create the media setup you've been searching for. Our design advisors are available for complimentary phone consultations. Schedule your appointment by picking a time slot and filling out the form. 



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