How to create a perfectly balanced living room

The not-so-secret formula to a well-planned and functional space is furniture arrangement and layout. Our design advisors gathered some popular living room layouts suitable for conversation areas, family TV time, and multi-use spaces. In this guide, you'll get insight for allowing social conversation, having visible media centers, and maximizing your layout options, while keeping the flow in your home.


Social layouts

Setting up the furniture so people can face each other encourages conversation and social engagement. In most layouts but especially in this one, the general goal is to create visual and functional flow. If all the seating in a room is very corporate or all facing one direction, it forces people to turn to be face-face. Set up chairs, sofas, and ottomans so that they are in a more circular arrangement around a centerpiece, like a coffee table.

 Marie doors in classy navy on Besta credenza from IKEA

Marie doors in classy navy, Sara brass legs, and Kristina gold knobs on a Besta frame from IKEA (102.458.46)


TV-time layouts

If you use your living room more as a place to kick back for movie nights and evening TV time with family and friends, it's a good idea to place extra seating throughout the area strategically. It doesn't have to be symmetric, but it is important to look balanced while having optimal seating in the proper direction. This media-centered living room layout is centered around the main focal point of the seating area. 

Cane doors in silver sage on a Besta TV stand from IKEA

Cane doors in perfect gray with Sara chrome legs, and Ilse chrome support legs on a Besta TV stand from IKEA (602.458.44). 


Multi-use layouts 

Living rooms aren't just for lounging for many people, especially during COVID times where people are working from home, learning online, and homeschooling. It's more formal to have separation, but your living space might already be split with a dining area and now need to be a makeshift home office.

If this is the case, multipurpose living room ideas featuring flexible, moveable furniture will be helpful. You can also break the sections up with rugs or floating furniture to signal the end of space and the beginning of another.


Cane doors in charcoal black on a bare Besta double-door frame from IKEA
Cane doors in charcoal black with Sara black legs on a Besta credenza from IKEA (102.458.46)


If you need help planning your furniture arrangement or layout, our design advisors are happy to help. Book a complimentary consultation via this link.



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