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Though some interior design styles are timeless, each year brings with it new interior design trends. For 2021, interior design is looking to the past for inspiration as well as saying goodbye to the styles that have been popular in recent years. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home decor or completely transform your interior design style, here are seven interior design trends for 2021 and how you can incorporate them into your home. 

Separate spaces 

With the lifestyle changes brought on by 2020, homeowners are moving away from open concepts when it comes to interior design. The need to work, live, and play under the same roof requires more privacy and personal space than open floor plans allow. However, there’s no need to renovate your home in order to create more division within the space. Physical separation can be created using furniture like bookshelves or partitions to divide an area. Or, you could even use area rugs or paint a wall to create visual separation in a room.  Divide room with bookshelf

Image source: Franke Chung via Apartment Therapy


Natural elements 

Whether as a result of the continued minimalist aesthetic or because 2020 forced us to spend more time inside, incorporating natural elements in the home will be a big interior design trend in 2021. This can be seen in the rise in popularity of wicker decor, as well as the use of lighter-tone wood. One way to incorporate this trend is with cane doors furniture. Cane doors offer a natural aesthetic while still adding a bit of texture to the room. Don’t want to invest in an entirely new piece of furniture? With Norse Interiors’ customizable pieces, you can add cane doors to your current IKEA furniture. 

Cane doors on black/brown Besta IKEA

Cane doors and black legs on a black/brown Besta credenza from IKEA.


Bold colors 

Gone are the days of wall-to-wall white — 2021 will see bold colors make a comeback. Even Pantone’s Color of the Year is a combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright yellow shade. While minimalism is still a popular trend, people are finding creative ways to sprinkle pops of color throughout their interiors, whether it’s on the walls, the kitchen cabinets, or even in decor like colored glassware. Additionally, according to Pinterest Predicts, one interior design trend they foresee in 2021 is that people will show off their colorful glassware with more open shelving in the kitchen. 

Tanned leather doors for IKEA Besta

Astrid doors and panels in Tanned leather on a black/brown Besta sideboard from IKEA, with matte black legs 


Homey comfort 

This interior design trend is often described as grand millennial or “granny chic.” Similar to cottagecore — a style that emulates the aesthetic of the English countryside — the rustic style has been on the rise in recent years and became a booming trend thanks to the pandemic. Homeowners are seeking out traditional decor and design elements that evoke comfort and nostalgia. Think floral wallpaper, needlepoint art, homemade knit blankets, and antiques. 

Bold colors and interior design

Image source: Modsy

Patterns and textures 

Similar to the use of bold colors, patterns will pop up more in 2021. Whether in the form of wallpaper or bedding or art, both bold patterns and fun textures add dimension and excitement to any room. With more people spending time at home, there’s more room to experiment and truly make any room a space where personality shines.  

Patterns and textures

Image source: The Nordroom


Global influence

Unlike bold patterns and colors, another interior design trend that Pinterest Predicts cited for 2021 is the Japandi aesthetic taking cues from both Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism. Both home decor styles have been on the rise in recent years, especially with the popularity of minimalism, but going into 2021 we’ll likely see a combination of the two. This style comprises a neutral or earth tone color palette, think muted beige, green, and pink. It also features clean lines and lots of light-toned wood that’s often seen in Scandinavian design. If you’re seeking this interior design style for your home, the overall setup should evoke a warm, calm feeling. 

Japandi cane doors on Besta sideboard from IKEA

Image source: Our cane doors and brass legs on a Besta TV stand from IKEA.



With each year that passes, sustainability seems to rise to the top of everyone’s priority list, both in and out of the home — and this year is no different. As we bring more items into our homes, it’s become critical to focus on sustainability, whether that’s identifying the materials used or understanding how the product was made. It’s even become more common to upcycle furniture in order to extend the life of a piece. If you're interested in prioritizing sustainabilty in 2021, take note of the materials, sources, and processes of home decor items and consider elements like natural fabrics, nontoxic ingredients, and ethical practices. 

Sustainable furniture

Image source: Living After Midnite


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Author: Sam Lauron


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