How to style your IKEA Besta cabinet

IKEA’s Besta cabinet offers storage space in a sleek and modern design that many have come to love. It’s practical, simple, and is easily customizable. It can be styled in several ways to offer even more than just storage. Don't know where to begin when styling your Besta piece? We have gathered a few ways to style your Besta cabinet that you can try at home:


The cabinet bench 

Who said a cabinet can only be used for storage? Make your Besta cabinet even more functional by also making it a place to get comfortable. Add a cushion and some throw pillows to add extra seating in your home. Store blankets, extra pillows, magazines, and books in the storage area of the cabinet to enjoy while relaxing on your Besta bench.

IKEA Besta cabinet used as bench with a cushion and pillows
 IKEA Besta cabinet made into a seating bench with a cushion and pillows.


Entertainment center

Make the ultimate entertainment center for your living area using only Besta cabinets. Combine floor standing Besta cabinets with floating cabinets for a modern, clean look. This allows for a lot of storage space to hide media consoles and wires.


IKEA Besta cabinets used for entertainment area

IKEA besta cabinets above and below TV for extra storage. 


The buffet cabinet

Buffet cabinets are great to have when it comes to entertaining guests in your home. However, they tend to be more in the expensive price range. But with a Besta cabinet, you can make one that is affordable and customizable.

IKEA Besta cabinet with wine bottles on top as buffet cabinet

IKEA Besta cabinet with top panel and added legs used as a buffet cabinet in dining area. 


The custom Besta

Match your Besta cabinet to your style by replacing the doors and panels. Simply choose the size of your IKEA Besta frame and which direction you would like the doors to open. Choose from several patterns and colors and consider adding legs or hardware to make your cabinet piece stand out. Our cane doors are perfect for Besta cabinets being used as part of an entertainment or media center as they allow sound and signals to penetrate through them while hiding less-desirable looking cable boxes, routers, and/or soundbases.

Norse Interior's Amelia cane doors on IKEA Besta cabinet

Norse Interior's cane doors with elisabeth brass knobs on floating IKEA Besta cabinet.


The extra kitchen counter

Need more counter space in your kitchen? Don’t be afraid to use your Besta cabinet. This is a great hack for smaller living areas that need a bit more room to store kitchen items. You can store items below, within, and above the Besta cabinet giving you more space for your buck.

IKEA Besta cabinet in kitchen
 Floating IKEA Besta cabinet on kitchen wall in small living area.


The media cabinet 

Stay organized and keep all your media items in one place. Besta cabinets offer tons of storage and fit vinyl records perfectly. Spice it up by adding legs and having no doors for easy access.


IKEA Besta cabinet with no doors

IKEA Besta cabinet with top wood panel and added legs being used as storage for media.

Stacked storage

This layout isn’t often the first idea that comes to mind when styling Besta cabinets. Not only do they look great styled horizontally, but they can also be placed vertically. Consider stacking Besta cabinets to add new dimensions to your home. By mixing doors with open storage, you will achieve a stylish storage area.

IKEA Besta cabinets stacked

IKEA Besta cabinet's stacked vertically to make a stylish storage area.


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Author: Gabrielle Rangel

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