IKEA HACKS 2022 - the digital edition by Norse Interiors

Each year we get asked why we don't publish a book with IKEA hacks. So now we've done it – sort of.

IKEA hacks are our passion and the reason why Norse exists. On the topic of why Norse came about, our CEO says: "I realized there was an opportunity to work with American artisans and bring timeless, Scandinavian design to the furniture market at a reasonable price point."

A few years and custom pieces later, there are so many IKEA hacks we want to share with you, and it's ever-evolving, which is why a one-off book isn't enough. That's why we decided to make a yearly edition of our top "IKEA hacks." 

In this year's edition, you can read about our 2022 design predictions, learn how to hack IKEA for every room in your home, and get an exclusive home tour in designer Bonnie Ryan's stunning home filled with clever DIY tricks, and much more.

It is only available as a digital version since we don't want to put additional pressure on mother nature. We hope you like it!



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