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The moment we saw this glamorous, sophisticated, chic feed, we were hooked. We’re thrilled to share the home of Kamille Magette and have her answer some of our design questions. Every detail in this feminine, mid-modern, Scandinavian hygge home was carefully planned, and the combination of styles and palettes are immaculate.


Meet Kamille Magette

Kamille is a devoted mother, active social media influencer, and fabulous interior stylist. She's devoted to creating beautiful content showcasing her work. Kamille creates gorgeous, bright, crisp designs that feel natural in the home. Her honest and organic relationship with her followers is just one of the many things that make Kamille unique. See what aesthetic wisdom she's ready to pass on to us. 

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Pictured above: Kamille's custom white oak triple doors on two double Besta frames (item 102.458.46) accessorized with Cornelia brass pulls, Sara brass legs, and Ilse brass legs.


What are some of your biggest inspirations for your design decisions?

I am so drawn to Scandinavian design. I love a crisp, clean but welcoming aesthetic. The scandinavian hygge design really speaks to me as well. I love that it’s a mix of mid-century modern and natural elements like light woods and rattan.

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What’s key when creating balance in a room?

For me, the key is not having too many different colors. I love color, for sure, but having fewer colors keeps a comfortable and pleasing aesthetic/palette. The furniture scale also is so important. 

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Which piece of furniture will you never part from?

That’s pretty easy for me. I have a few of those, but my tulip top marble dining table is something I have wanted for a very long time, and I think it’s a piece that’s timeless. I love the lines of the table base. I also love that it can seat many people without taking up too much visual space in the room. 

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How often do you redecorate? 

I feel like I’m never done! I decorate and redecorate a lot. It’s fun, and when I feel inspired to change up a space, I know it’s time. I shift things around constantly, moving furniture, restyling the coffee table, and swapping out art. I can’t help myself. It’s my creative outlet. 

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Where do you start when designing a room?

Generally, I start with an overall look, then dial into the details- wall color, furniture, art, etc. Creating a mood board is a great way to make your design come to life. I usually make a few for one space. It’s a great tool to see if the vision in your head is going to come together. 

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Have you ever experienced creative blocks?

Yes! I have definitely hit some blocks. Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration, but they can also be overloaded. If I’m just in a rut with a space, I actually strip it down. I take all throw pillows, art, and accessories out of the room. It helps to get it naked and have a fresh start.  Dreaming of Decor image Pictured above: Kamille's custom white oak triple doors on two double Besta frames (item 102.458.46) accessorized with Cornelia brass pullsSara brass legs, and Ilse brass legs.


What is the biggest design mistake you see other people make in their home?

The design has changed so much in the past few years. It’s ok to be a minimalist or a maximalist, eclectic or traditional; it’s all “in.” That being said, the biggest mistake is not letting your home be a reflection of you. Your home should tell your story. Choosing furniture and decor that spark joy in you will translate into your home and make you feel happy there. After all, your home should be a place where you feel at peace and find refuge.


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