How to pick the right hardware for your furniture

Hardware is an essential element that polishes off your furniture. It allows making a unit pop and complete the overall design with a beautiful finishing touch. Everything in your home is a matter of preference, but it never hurts to consider some tips when entering a new project. Our design experts have put together a comprehensive guide to help you pick the right hardware or legs for your furniture.


#1 Choosing the “right” finish for your style and color palette

Finding hardware and legs that fit your style is key to keeping your space cohesive. Depending on the style you’re going for, consider using these finishes:

  • Metal hardware is trendy in modern, mid-century modern, traditional, French country, or transitional style spaces. 
  • Glass hardware elevates a room and is most often found in traditional, glam, or industrial-style spaces. 
  • Wood hardware and accents look great in rustic or coastal style homes and pair well with unfinished wood or lighter toned vanities, cabinets, and drawers. 
  • Crystal hardware is perfect for glam or traditional style homes but can add a bit too much pizazz if not balanced throughout the space. 
  • Stone hardware such as marble, granite, and travertine are most often found in traditional-style homes but can be a chic addition to any space. 


Our collection consists of metal hardware and legs, and we focus on three finishes: polished brass, chrome, and matte black. Brass offers a stunning, vintage aesthetic and demands attention in whatever space it's placed in. Brass looks fantastic in rooms with a white or grey palette and compliments navy blue with simply unparalleled beauty. 

Marie doors and panels on a double Besta unit from IKEA with brass legs and gold knobs from Norse Interiors
Marie double doors and panels on a double Besta frame (item 102.458.46) from IKEA with Sara brass legs and Kristina gold knobs


If you're seeking a glam look, chrome is a good choice. Chrome is known for its reflective surface and is an effortless finish to clean. It can be minimalistic, or it can enhance the shine of a piece by adding to the other glamorous decor.

Cane double Besta doors in pale blush with chrome hardware from Norse InteriorsCane double doors in pale blush on Besta frame (item102.458.46) from IKEA with Sara chrome legsIlse chrome legs, and Kristina chrome knobs


Matte black hardware feeds into a sophisticated and modern decorating style, creating a stunning contrast against light palettes or wood finishes. The finish combination with nearly any color is versatile, looking elegant, masculine, and upscale every time.

Cane triple doors in white lace on a bare IKEA Besta frame with black legs and hardwareCane triple doors in white lace on a Besta frame (item 702.998.79) from IKEA with Sara black legs, Ilse black legs, and Marlen balck knobs.


#2 Picking the appropriate shape and size

When it comes to the size and shape of the hardware, you can either let the hardware complement the piece with a distinct design or let the hardware make a statement on its own. Our Agnes and Ingrid pulls and Elisabeth knobs are good examples of delicate minimalism, perfect for instance when you have a longer piece with several doors in a row.

Elisabeth brass knobs on a small Marie doors in perfect gray
Elisabeth brass knobs on Marie doors triple doors in perfect gray. 


The Cornelia pull is a bolder, more prominent hardware option that can be the piece's focal point. If you place it on the top edge, it will still be distinct, but if you put them in a pair in the center of the doors, they are suddenly the star of the show.

Pale blush drawer fronts on a Malm dresser from IKEA with polished brass pullsAstrid drawer fronts on a Malm dresser (ite904.731.51) from IKEA with Cornelia brass pulls. 


The best way to tell if your hardware is the right size and finish is to take a few steps back and look at the piece. Instead of drilling the holes and attaching them permanently, you can use double-adhesive tape to test the position and look of the hardware before committing to them. Your eyes can tell you so much about balance and what fits your space best. Another “tool” to use when deciding on a pull or a knob is to use your hands. How does it fit in your hand? For storage pieces you use often, it’s important that it’s easy to pull out and open a drawer, so consider the grip the hardware is providing you with.

#3 Taking note of the room's lighting, appliances, and other furniture

It's important to pick hardware that compliments both your piece and surrounding space. The big question is; can you mix different finishes in a room, such as having brass on the cabinet hardware while having a chrome lamp, or add wood hardware when other items in the room have metallics? There are two routes you can go in your hardware choices– you can mix finishes throughout your space while still keeping the overall decor cohesive, or you can match your finishes to create appealing uniformity.

Cane triple doors on a Besta frame from IKEACane triple doors in white lace on a Besta frame (item 004.740.70) from IKEA with Sara brass legs and Ilse brass legs  

Mixing different finishes work as long as they blend with the rest of the room. Picking up colors and finishes from other items, like a frame, a lamp, etc., and letting that finish carry through to the hardware is easy to create decor balance. You don't have to use the same finish throughout - that can even make the overall design look flat. If your color palette is too uniform, it might leave your spatial design lacking character. Install hardware with a unique design to make an otherwise simple space custom to your taste.

Don't worry about what hardware might be trendy or what's "in" or "out", or about matching your hardware with the color of the piece itself. Pick your hardware based on what makes you feel good, and that adds a little extra if that's what your space or piece of furniture needs.


#4 Matching natural materials like wood 

Lately, natural materials like wood and cane have picked up in popularity due to the sustainability movement and cherishing mother earth’s resources. Decorating with natural wood is a timeless choice both in terms of style and durability. You can have your pick of the hardware finish, but in general, warmer toned spaces with brass accents have a vintage/traditional feel to them, while cooler tones with darker hardware lean more contemporary. 


Our white oak doors, when paired with our matte black hardware, give a modern, sleek design due to the contrasting tones and lightening of the oak. Matte black hardware on walnut accentuates the dark hues in the grain and brings out the sophisticated side of the piece.

White oak double doors on a Besta frame from IKEA with matte black legs and pulls
White oak double doors and panels on a double Besta frame (item 602.458.44) from IKEA with Sara black legs and Cornelia black pulls


The polished brass hardware is our best-seller for a reason. The items fit into a wide variety of aesthetics and styles, giving a more traditional spin on any piece. Both the white oak and walnut look unbelievably elegant with brass accessories. 

Walnut doors on a triple Besta frame from IKEA
Walnut triple doors and panels on two double Besta frames (item 102.458.46) from IKEA 
with Sara brass legsIlse brass legs, and Agnes brass pulls


Going with chrome finished hardware and legs, elevate the look of wood and cane without giving too much pizazz. Chrome naturally has a colder look, so it cools down a piece rather than adding to the warmer tones. Our white oak pieces blend nicely because both finishes are lighter in color, giving a serene look, while on the walnut pieces, it provides a pop of bright contrast that spaces sometimes need.

White oak double doors on two Besta frames from IKEA White oak double doors and panels on two double Besta frames (item 102.458.46) from IKEA with Sara chrome legs, Ilse chrome legs, and Agnes chrome pulls


Switching up your hardware is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to change your aesthetic. If you're in the process of revising your aesthetic and need more personal help choosing hardware, finishes, or even entire storage pieces, our advisors are ready to help. Book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our team members.



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