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Maximalism interior style guide

Maximalism means more of everything, which means more of your favorite colors, fabrics, and accessories. To avoid a space from looking too random, find a few common colors or patterns to repeat through the room or find a focal piece like wall art and pull colors from that. “More is more” is the guiding light for the maximalism home décor style. You can go more towards eclectic or bohemian maximalist – just make sure you embrace excess.

Our cane and Amelia mixed TV console works excellently in a maximalist space because it adds two elements to the same furniture piece and looks fantastic. This Houndstooth patterned chair from Homelist paired with this patterned coffee table from Society6 unexpectedly complements each other due to colorful wall art like these gallery wall collections from Etsy. Soft pastel elements like this rug from Wayfair keep color in the room while not overwhelming the space and allows for more vibrant pieces like this curved yellow sofa from Article to take the spotlight.



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