Modern farmhouse | Style guide

 Modern Farmhouse interior style guide

Modern Farmhouse style exudes warmth with a homey, relaxed look and feel. It has a simple rural farmhouse design and built to be supportive, hardworking, and comfortable. This country-style grew from the farmer’s lifestyle and is made to be substantial, modest, and straightforward. Modern touches blend the traditional country look with a more minimal contemporary design. It still has clean lines and a sleek aesthetic but with a touch of the more comforting, cozy elements a home craves. 

The great thing about custom furniture is to create a unique piece tailored to what you want and need. This walnut/gray Besta frame from IKEA got a new look with our classy navy Eva doors triple and chrome hardware. We love this art from Kohl’s, especially over a gathering area like this dining set from New Halo. Add a cozy element to the open space with a throw blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond, maybe hanging out of this cute wire basket from Target. Wood and metal elements like this window-shaped wall decor from Wayfair or reclaimed wood shelves from West Elm maintain that traditional farmhouse aesthetic while the colors in art, storage, rugs, or other furniture supply a modern flare.



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