The playbook for your living room upgrade

Norse Interiors makes it possible for you to become your own furniture designer, in a process that's easy, fun, and fast. We've partnered with the best American craftsmen to make gorgeous pieces our customers love at lead-times that are unheard of on the market.

Due to our Scandinavian heritage, our components are dominated by clean lines and colors that are close to nature. Here's we'll walk you through the process of design choices to product, delivered straight from the woodshop to your doorstep.

It's the new way of getting custom furniture while using IKEA's most beloved storage units as a base.

STEP ONE: Browse through our designs (and buy samples)

Blush sideboard IKEA Besta

We make fronts, panels, and hardware for the Besta and Malm Series at IKEA. To customize these, and give them a truly premium look, we developed ten main designs and finishes, which you can take a closer look at in our design overview. The patterns go from simple to a bit more advanced, creating statement pieces for your home. Choose the front design and color. Add top and side panels to create a second skin for the cabinet. Finalize the look with legs and handles.

If you want to get to know our colors and finish better, we suggest you start with samples. We've chosen the most durable finishes which will hold up in real life, and they have been curated to match the IKEA base cabinets and dressers perfectly. 

STEP TWO: Decide which IKEA furniture you want to customize

Cynthia assembling the Besta

Image Source: Cynthia Markova

Our products aren't complete without IKEA furniture as a base. We decided to focus on the Besta cabinets and Malm dressers and nightstands since they are the most versatile and popular pieces, which allows you to create a whole series of matching storage for your living room and bedroom.

Please have a look at our buying guide to see the dimensions and options of the IKEA furniture you want to customize. You can buy the Besta cabinets and TV stands without doors, so it's a zero-waste upgrade! 


STEP THREE: Talk to your person

Norse Interiors

We understand that deciding on furniture is rarely one that you make alone, so consult to whoever is going to have an opinion about the furniture you're planning to order. This could be a partner, roommate, friend, child, parent, or pet. The best part about our collections and assortment of designs and colors is that we've designed them so that there are no "wrong" combinations.

Need a second opinion? Explore our reviews to hear directly from verified Norse Interiors customers. Our design team is available per chat or email if you have additional questions. We're happy to help, so don't hesitate to reach out.

STEP 4: Pull the trigger

Astrid in Charccoal Black IKEA Besta

The hard part is done! You've measured, discussed, narrowed down to your favorite design you can't live without. Now is the time to pass the torch to our team to build the furniture you're going to be thrilled to welcome into your home.

Our team works tirelessly every day to make sure that we're not only delivering the highest quality furniture but that the experience of ordering with Norse is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Once you place your order, you'll get email updates to track the process till it arrives at your doorstep. Don't forget to place your order at IKEA as well - they also deliver straight to your home.


STEP FIVE: Assemble

Assemble Norse and IKEA furniture

Assembling your piece might seem daunting, but we promise you that it's easy. You just need a regular screwdriver to attach our doors and drawer fronts, and our tops and sides are attached with a simple, but super strong, adhesive tape. All our products come with assembly instructions, but if you are more of a visual person, have a look at these assembly videos:

  • Customize the Besta - click here.

  • Adjust the IKEA Besta hinges - click here.

  • Install the Besta push-open function - click here.

  • Customize the Malm series - click here.

If you prefer to get help with the assembly, we work with the best partners across the country, who are happy to give you a helping hand.


Kick back and enjoy furniture that was custom designed for your style and handmade for your home. Choose between 1000+ different design combinations.


Buy samples




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