The new way interior designers are customizing furniture

When Norse Interiors was launched, the idea was to empower regular people to design their own furniture, according to their personal taste and style. It was never intended for interior designers but as it happens; they also want to custom furniture by making a few clicks online and receiving a custom piece on their doorstep (or the doorstep of their client)! In hindsight, it might sound like a no-brainer...

Interior Designers upgrade IKEA Besta with Norse components

Image by Norse featuring an IKEA Besta cabinet upgraded with Norse replacement components.


The leading software for interior designers, Ivy, met up with Norse founder Lotta Lundaas to discuss how the idea came about to upgrade IKEA furniture with Scandinavian-design components and how you can make 1000+ different cabinets using various colors and patterns.  

Excerpt from the interview:

How do you typically work with interior designers?
LL: A big part of our customer base is interior designers, and we love to work with designers, who naturally are very creative and often comes up with solutions we haven’t considered. Our recently launched DIY Finish option is, in fact, a result from an interior designer. We’re currently also working with a designer, who is looking to have a custom pattern that is exclusive to them. That’s something we definitely will consider if the project is large enough. Finally, as an Ivy user, you also get an exclusive discount when entering “Ivy” at check-out.

Read the whole story at Ivy to get the deets on how interior designers can work with Norse to take custom furniture to another level.


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