The best IKEA hacks 2020

People have been hacking IKEA furniture since IKEA was founded in 1943. Why? Because they make the most reliable and versatile furniture for its price range. It's also easy to give them a custom look, making them look less cookie-cutter and more you.

It feels like people are getting more creative by the year, which is why we've gathered the best IKEA hacks so far in 2020. Hopefully, it will inspire you to take a second look at your own IKEA pieces.

Making a modern vanity by using the Elvari shelves.

Idle Hands Awake is the creative genius behind this modern vanity, created by using the supermodular Elvari shelves. It is functional with plenty of storage, while still being stylish. It also allows you to display certain items you love.

Tips for Styling a Modern Vanity
(Photo source: Idle Hands Awake) 


Custom cane doors for Besta cabinets and TV stands.

Adding doors in cane material to a Besta frame completely transforms the TV stand, and gives it a modern airy look. This is a hack by Norse Interiors, where they've added cane doors with a gray finish, with matching side and top panels. The double Besta TV stands are lifted from the floor with chrome legs.

Cane doors for IKEA Besta
Cane double doors in perfect gray with matching paneling on two IKEA Besta frames with chrome legs


Optimizing the space with the Stora Loft bed and Linnmon table.

Fiq Said transformed his small room into the perfect space for sleeping, living, and working, and documented the whole transformation. He created numerous clever storage solutions, but the main win in this room was creating a separate sleep and workspace, by adding a Stora Loft bed from IKEA, and adding a work area underneath. It's a very intelligent way of utilizing the space to the max.

IKEA makeover during quarantine MCO
(Photo source: Fiq Said)


Making a custom built-in bookcase with Billy bookcases.

Elise Joseph created this built-in bookcase that covers the whole living room wall, for just $500. She used five Billy bookcases as a base and added extra shelves so that the unit would stretch all the way up to the ceiling. The final touch was attaching trim boards, which was color-matched with the walls (Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore). Stunning, smart, and affordable!

This IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack Makes Them Look Like Custom Built-Ins


Giving the bedroom new flair by dressing up the Ivar cabinet.

Monica, who understandably has a successful DIY blog, made this beautiful upgrade to the popular Ivar cabinet. This hack requires some skills, though. First, you need to make a cut-out in the original doors to create a frame, and then add thin sheets of wood, which you arrange in a square pattern. She also added legs, which elevated the cabinet. 

basket weave ikea ivar cabinet hack
(Photo source: Monica)


There are endless creative IKEA hacks out there, and if you have a clever solution you want featured here, send us an email with the details. 



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