The 10 most-hacked IKEA products

Discover the IKEA products with the most customizable potential.


Looking to modify your IKEA furniture to fit your exact needs? Check out the ten most-hacked IKEA products that (with some creativity and DIY spirit) can unlock endless possibilities.

#1 - Ivar

The Ivar storage system from IKEA is a blank canvas when it comes to building your own cabinet or shelving unit. On the IKEA website alone, there are a multitude of options to choose from: open shelves, closed cabinet doors, height, color, corner pieces, pull-out desk options, bottle rack shelves, side hooks, etc. that can be combined to create the perfect piece for you.

Each part of the Ivar unit can be personalized- whether it's painting a unique design on the cabinet fronts or adding your own furniture legs and knob pulls. With some out-of-the-box thinking, you can even assemble the pieces together to create your new Work-From-Home station, as one blogger was able to accomplish.

Check out Jaymee Srp's Ivar Computer Cabinet Hack below, and Deirdre Sullivan's article for some more inspiration on the Best IKEA IVAR Storage Hacks


Image by: Jaymee Srp


#2 - Besta

As new entertainment technologies are released year after year, it's important that the Besta furniture line by IKEA, most commonly used in living rooms, can occasionally be changed to keep up with the times! Instead of replacing the entire furniture unit, there are environmentally conscious options such as only changing out the doors, tops, legs, or knobs of your Besta cabinets. See how these Cane doors by Norse Interiors can bring new life to your furniture, while simultaneously accommodating new gaming consoles and other technology with its breathable mesh design.

IKEA Besta cabinet with Norse Interior DoorsImage by: Norse Interiors 

#3 - Malm

Malm dressers by IKEA are one of the most commonly owned pieces of furniture, as well as one of the most hacked products. This unit allows for endless customization by simply changing the dresser fronts, upgrading the drawer pulls, and even adding furniture legs.

Check out these Malm IKEA Dresser Makeovers put together by blogger Lauren Smith McDonough for ideas on how to add your own personal flair to this popular furniture unit. 

Image by: Lauren Smith McDonough


#4 - Billy

The Billy bookcase by IKEA is a simple piece of furniture that can easily be hacked by adding an intricate backsplash, transforming them into built-in bookcases, or adding drawers and cabinets to create a hidden storage solution. The IKEA Hackers even experimented by adding GRYTNÄS glass doors to create a sleek finish for their BILLY bookcase.

Image by: The Spruce / Letícia Almeida


#5 - Kallax

The KALLAX storage unit by IKEA is a sturdy, cubic shelving system that is easily stackable and rearrangeable to meet your exact furniture needs. Besides changing the color or adding cabinet doors, a transformative hack is to use your imagination when arranging these units. Create ceiling high shelves, a bench for your foyer, or even a bed platform with this hackable IKEA furniture.

Image by: IKEA


#6 - Eket sideboard

The Eket cabinets by IKEA are a great storage system for tight spaces. The slim, yet tall units can be hacked by adding legs, replacing the doors, or by simply adding tape. Sara from home2style transformed her white EKET cabinet into a striking piece using only washi tape. See how Sara created this sophisticated look with the most affordable tool.

Hacked IKEA Eket cabinet  Image by: Sara Lafia


#7 - Sektion

The sektion wall cabinet by IKEA is a loved storage piece because of how easy it is to customize space within the unit due to its adjustable shelves. But not only is the inside easily customizable, so is the outside. The doors are attached with snap on hinges which allows the doors to be easily removed and replaced when desired. Hacking IKEA's sektion cabinet can be just as easy as adding new hardware, such as pulls or legs to make this piece stand out. This sektion cabinet was upgraded with our susan doors in classy navy, agnes brass pulls, and sara brass legs.

Norse Interior's Susan sideboard on IKEA sektion cabinetImage by: Norse Interiors


#8 - Duktig Play Kitchen

IKEA's duktig play kitchen offers a simple, yet modern look to an everyday children's toy. It can easily be customized to resemble a real kitchen, making your child's play time experience more realistic. Its easy customization is great for parents too, as it can be transformed to match your home's style and decor allowing for a seamless blend into your home. The duktig play kitchen can be hacked by painting the hardware, switching out the handles, adding a backsplash, or adding oven dials. Happy Grey Lucky gave their duktig play kitchen a simple makeover by using spray paint, wood contact paper, oven dials, and touch lights.

Ikea dutkig play kitchen makeoverImage by: Happy Grey Lucky


#9 - Tarva

IKEA's tarva dresser is made of a durable and warm natural material, solid wood. It's untreated wood finish is basically begging to be transformed into a more personable piece. Amanda Hendrix hacked her Tarva dresser that she has been using for years into a yellow fluted dresser. This simple hack requires pine screen trim, paint, and drawer pulls.

IKEA hacked tarva dresserImage by: Amanda Hendrix 

#10 - Hemnes

The hemnes dresser by IKEA is affordable and easily hackable because it is made of solid wood. All it takes to add your own personal touch to this piece is new hardware and some paint. Jessica Gaalen upgraded her 3 drawer hemnes dresser by painting it green and adding golden bar pulls for a modern, sleek look.

hacked IKEA hemnes 3 drawer chest Image by: Jessica Gaalen


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