IKEA's Besta cabinet hacked with natural cane doors

It's no secret that cane furniture is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2020. That's why we decided to launch a collection of doors for the Besta cabinets from IKEA. Our doors with natural cane inlays give the sideboard or TV stand a fresh and airy feeling.

Cane White Sideboard IKEA Besta

Cane doors with White Lace frame on an IKEA Besta in white with matte black Sara legs and Marlen knobs.


Cane is an eco-friendly natural material made from the outer bark of the rattan plant and is exceptionally durable. Having cane doors on a storage cabinet adds a modern but earthy look to the room's aesthetics. It's not just a pretty face, though.

Hide your cable box

Cane doors on TV stands are as beautiful as functional! Thanks to the open weave, you can hide cable boxes, routers, and other media equipment without worrying about them overheating or blocking signal and sound. Imagine not having to look at the black/gray clunky boxes and cables anymore - that alone is a reason to opt for cane doors.

Cane inlays

The Radio Weave cane used on Norse's doors is a woven fine cane with six strands per inch.


Inspiration from our customers

Cane doors for IKEA Sektion
Cane doors in perfect gray with matching paneling on two Sektion frames (902.654.68) put together, with brass legs and Agnes pulls

Cane doors on two IKEA Besta frames
Two IKEA Besta frames (item 602.458.44) put together with small cane double doors in perfect gray, Sara chrome legs, and Ilse chrome legs.


Jens Gathering Nest cane doors for custom workspace
Two IKEA Besta frames (002.458.42) with six medium Cane doors in white lace with Elisabeth brass knobs


Cane doors for IKEA Sektion frameIKEA Sektion frame (902.654.68) with cane doors in white lace with matching paneling and Agnes chrome pulls.




Check out our FAQ if you want more details, and don't hesitate to send us an email if you have additional questions. 



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