IKEA hacks for your home in 2023

IKEA series has always been a favorite among DIY enthusiasts for its affordability, versatility, and clean, modern look. In recent years, IKEA pieces have seen a surge of creative and innovative hacks on social media, offering endless possibilities for customization and personalization. It’s only getting better as the new year settles in! Take a look at some of the best IKEA hacks we’ve seen in 2023 so far. 

Entryway furniture

IKEA units can also be used to create functional and stylish entryway consoles. By stacking IKEA frames, DIYers have created storage solutions that are perfect for keeping everyday necessities organized and accessible. Our customer Jenny created this stacked Besta sideboard as a drop-zone for her kids, with 25” Eva cabinets below and 15” Eva drawers on top.

Eva fronts from Norse Interiors on stacked IKEA Bestas

Wall-mounted storage

One of the most popular Besta hacks of 2023 is the wall-mounted storage. DIYers have created custom space-savers that fit seamlessly into their homes by using Besta units as the base. With a little bit of help from Norse, Pascale transformed bare Besta frames into stunning, functional, and beautiful storage using Eleanor fronts, White oak fronts, and Cane fronts from our Besta collection.

Fronts from Norse Interiors on wall mounted IKEA Besta frames

Media Console

Another popular IKEA hack in 2023 is using Besta units to create a large media console. By combining Besta units, DIYers have created sleek and stylish media consoles that can accommodate everything from TVs to gaming consoles to stereo systems. The Besta series is particularly well-suited for this purpose, as it offers ample storage space in a very modular form. This long cane console from interior designer Melissa was a real show-stopper. 

Cane doors from Norse Interiors on IKEA Besta frames frames

Another fantastic configuration using Besta pieces to create full custom living room storage is this media center from Laura, using Astrid fronts in perfect gray with Sara black legs. 

Astrid doors in perfect gray on multiple IKEA Besta frames

Bedroom storage

Believe it or not– IKEA Sektion units, often used as kitchen cabinets, can also be transformed into custom dressers with a little creativity. DIYers have created beautiful dressers that rival high-end designer pieces by adding our custom Sektion fronts, legs, and hardware. This is a great option for small spaces where a traditional dresser may not fit while still providing much storage for clothes or other necessities.

Marie doors from Norse Interiors on IKEA Besta frames

By using IKEA units as a base and adding custom pieces, new legs, and fresh hardware, DIYers have created stunning and functional pieces that are perfect for any home. No matter the projects you’re taking on, IKEA offers endless possibilities for customization and personalization. Our design advisors are happy to help along the way. So grab your tools and get ready to hack your way to a more beautiful home with IKEA! 



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