How to create more space in your home

If the extended time spent in your home these past several months has made you realize that you need more space, you’re probably not alone. With your home now acting as the office, school, and living space, it’s more necessary than ever to make sure you have enough room for everyone to comfortably live and work. 

No matter the size, whether you live in a house or a studio apartment, there are several ways to create more space in your home. 

White Marie doors on IKEA Besta with Ambrosia Maple wood top

Marie doors and sides in White Lace on a Besta cabinet from IKEA, with a cool Ambrosia Maple wood top and Kristina knobs in gold. 

Add more storage 

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to evaluate your current belongings and see what needs to be stored and what can stay out. Often clutter is a big reason space can feel smaller and confined, so simply putting things away can make a huge difference in terms of space. 

If your home lacks storage space, there are a few solutions. One option is to invest in furniture that can help declutter. For instance, if your closet feels cramped, you could get a dresser to store your clothing in one tidy place. In the living room, you could use a TV stand to store all of your devices, books, cords, or anything else you want to tuck away. But the key to creating more space is to utilize the space you already have. Consider mounting the TV on the wall or even opting for a mounted TV stand; the floating effect will provide more floor space and make the room feel more open. 

You could opt for hybrid pieces that function as both decor and storage for smaller storage solutions, like a wicker basket or ottoman to store blankets and pillows. Depending on how much stuff you have, you could consider getting a storage unit to completely remove clutter from home.

Set up mirrors

Using mirrors to make a room feel bigger is a timeless trick that still holds up to this day. The way they reflect light can instantly make a room brighter and more spacious. Plus, it’s an easy fix that doesn’t require much effort! 

Whether you want to set up a full-length mirror in the corner of a room or hang a large mirror on the wall, the decorative item will create the illusion of a bigger space for you and your guests and add a nice touch to any room. 

Utilize wall space 

If you feel like you’re running out of floor space, don’t be afraid to go up! Many homeowners feel limited to using only floor space and reserve wall space for hanging things like shelves, picture frames, or art. But to create more space in your home, it helps to clear off the floor.

Utilize the walls and create vertical storage systems—whether it’s a tall built-in or a row of storage shelves closer to the ceiling. Just be sure that when using this method, you keep in mind how often you use these items and place them accordingly. For instance, if there’s a set of dishes that you only use for special occasions once or twice a year, it’s probably safe to store them out of reach since you won’t be grabbing them often. But if there’s something you’ll be reaching for frequently, then you won’t want to store it too high up—unless you’re okay with pulling out a step ladder every time you need it.

Cane and Amelia doors in Silver Sage on Besta TV stand

Cane and Amelia doors in Silver Sage on white Besta TV stands from IKEA. Sara and Ilse legs, and Elisabeth knobs in brass.

Add height 

Another simple trick that can make a surprisingly big difference is to tweak your furniture by either swapping clunky legs with slimmer ones or adding legs to give your pieces height. 

Adding a pair of sleek, elegant legs to your TV stand or dresser will not only lift the piece off the ground to create more floor space but in doing so, it will bring breeziness and create the feeling of a more open layout. 

Take advantage of natural light

Like mirrors, natural light can brighten up any space; dark rooms feel closed off, but natural light will make a room feel open and airy. While not every home or room has access to natural light or large windows, it helps to take advantage of any natural light that you can get.

There are a few ways to maximize the light. First, situate furniture near windows and keep the blinds open. If you do opt for curtains, avoid the dark, heavy, and light-blocking ones. Instead, use curtains with thin, light fabric to bring in as much light as possible while maintaining privacy.

You can also implement the mirror trick again to bring in more light. Place a mirror opposite the window so that the light will be reflected back into the room. Make sure that other room elements, like furniture and decor, aren’t deflecting light; opt instead for a lighter color palette overall to let the light reflect best.



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Author: Sam Lauron

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