How to assemble the IKEA Besta cabinet

Having trouble with putting your IKEA Besta together? IKEA instructions can sometimes be confusing. Take these 4 easy steps to assemble your Besta with additional tips and tricks to upgrade it with our Norse Interiors components! 

Pro Tip!

Even before purchasing the Besta cabinet, keep in mind that you can purchase the frame without the doors for only $60. You can find a variety of options for cabinet doors and legs at Norse Interiors! It's a great way to save money on your personalized Besta upgrade. 

Follow these 4 easy steps to achieve your dream Besta aesthetic:

(1) Preparing the pieces for assembly.

Wipe off the surface with a dry cloth. Then take the tape strips that come with the Norse package and press them - without removing the liner - into each corner of the cabinet, about 1/2" from the edges. Add the remaining strips at an even distance from each other.

Assemble IKEA Besta Cabinet with Norse Interiors Components

(2) Creating the frame. 

Before removing the liner, practice adding the side to the system. Make sure there is no gap when adding the top. The side should stick out in the front, to create a frame for the doors. Remove the liner and attach the sides.

Apply pressure and hold for 60 seconds. Repeat that process for the second side and the top panel.

Top Panel Cabinet IKEA Besta Norse Interiors

(3) Adding height to the IKEA Besta. 

To add some height to the cabinet, you can add Norse legs.

Ash Wood Furniture Legs

(4) Attaching the doors.

To add the cabinet doors, use hinges from IKEA, which also comes with the push-open functionality in case you don't want to add knobs or handles to your cabinet. Attach the hinges to the door and mount the door to the IKEA system. Use the top and bottom holes for this.

Attach IKEA Hinges Besta Cabinet

Adjust the hinges to make the doors perfectly level. IKEA's hinges are adjustable in height, depth, and width by loosening or tightening the three screws on the hinge that are not used for attaching it to the frame. Check out the illustrations and this video for more information about how to adjust IKEA's hinges.

Adjusting IKEA hinges

With those 4 simple steps, your Besta is now assembled, and more importantly, absolutely beautiful! 

Keep in mind, if you are going to add knobs and pulls to the cabinet, always drill from the outside in and place a piece of firm material on the inside to drill into. If you don’t drill into something, you run a higher risk of chipping the paint.

Finally, don't forget to secure your furniture to the wall.

For more tips, watch this video:  

Check out our How It Work page for next steps to customize your IKEA Besta further, and take advantage of our free design service to get your project started.



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Images by Cynthia Markova

Author: Michelle Choi 


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