How cane doors for IKEA furniture are made - BTS from the woodshop

The stylish contours and striking weave of the cane accentuate any piece. Our woodshop's process for cane products where every step is done by hand is awe-inspiring, but don't just take our word for it, see for yourself. We recently documented the process from the wood shop and have some great behind-the-scenes footage of this eco-friendly artisan craftsmanship for you. 

Cane doors on Besta frame from IKEA

Cane doors on a Besta frame (item 102.458.46) with our Sara chrome legs, and Kristina chrome knobs


Eco-friendly artisan craftsmanship

Our woodshop's process for cane products is truly impressive. Our artisan craftsmen's first few steps revolve around the wood door that frames the cane center. Starting off with big sheets of wood, they cut and add hinge holes before every side of the frame is sanded by hand. We only use MDF wood that is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified, which assures sustainable forestry sourcing. 

Sanding and prepping the wood doors

 Each frame goes through the process of being sanded, primed, sanded again before the painting starts. The frames get two layers of our custom paint, which has a semi-sheen to it. You can choose between nine different colors, which are all included in our sample kit, along with samples of the cane and wood.

Painting wood frames before cane is laid

Cane is the material that results from the process of stripping the rattan plant. After the door frame is ready, they first soak the cane and let it dry some. For it to become properly stretched, you need it to be slightly damp before you frame on it, then when it dries, the cane retracts and tightens for the picture-perfect look we deliver.  Letting the cane retract to be tight in the frame

The cane is secured by putting a firm moulding around the edges, laying the cane so it's fitted flawlessly on the frame, then gluing the moulding made out of poplar tree wood. The molding is secured further with nails, so the cane stays taut in the door frame.

Securing the cane with nails in the poplar wood moulding 

The cane must dry up in the frame to make it shrink and sit nice and snug. Once dried, the extra cane outside the poplar molding is trimmed by hand with a small blade using meticulous care. 

Excess cane being trimmed from moulding


Each door is inspected and sent to packaging. Due to the cane being woven and natural material, we take extra care in packaging to ensure it arrives to you just as taught in the frame as you hoped.

 Norse Interiors packaging

Why cane?

Cane is highly pliable in nature making it ideal in the production of chair seats, cabinet fronts, or surface texture to the façade of furnishings. Besides being a beautiful eco-friendly material, cane gives an airy feeling to a room. When using it as doors for TV stands and media consoles, it also allows you to hide cable boxes, routers, and other media equipment without worrying about overheating or having to open the door to let signal and sound through.  

Cane doors on a Besta TV stand from IKEA

Cane doors on two double BESTA frame (item 602.458.44) with our Sara chrome legs, and Ilse support legs 


Cane and other wicker furniture have been gaining popularity recently because the fast rate of cane growth makes it highly renewable and very environmentally friendly. We value our use of cane because it plays a beautiful part in us reducing our carbon footprint as a company.

We decided to make comparable to ours for both the Sektion and Besta frames because the cane weave is so neutral and fitting for every room. It has a natural and timeless appeal in design and a breathable yet not totally transparent appearance.

Cane doors on a Sektion frame from IKEACane doors on a Sektion frame from IKEA (item 902.654.68) with our Agnes chrome pulls


Our cane doors are perfect for sideboards and media consoles of all sizes. If you have product questions, you can always reach a community associate via email at For more details, and videos, of the making of cane doors - check out the highlights on our Instagram.



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