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We were in love when we saw this cozy, sophisticated, chic interior. Clemence Mok worked with us to design a custom-mounted sideboard for her dining area, mixing our painted and wood collections for a stunningly unique piece. After our collaboration, Clemence gave us a peek inside her curated home and answered some design questions for us to share.


Meet Clemence Mok 
Clemence lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and the cutest puppy named Mochi. She documents her home decorating journey through Instagram and her OHHOMEE blog. OHHOMEE is Clemence's creative outlet with a focus on minimalist interiors while incorporating high-low design. "This space is where I share pieces of everyday life, DIYs, and more interior inspiration. I hope I can inspire you to create your own cozy space," Clemence shares with her blog followers.


How would you explain your personal design style?
My design style is constantly changing and evolving, but I would describe my current style as soft minimalism, focusing on creating a warm and cozy home. I also incorporate high-low design which involves investing in a few high-end pieces for the home with a mix of other more affordable options. 

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How did you get into home design and curating your space? Did your talented eye for design come very naturally, or did it take some practice?
I have always had a passion for home design. Growing up, I loved watching home design shows and was very inspired to see spaces transform into more functional and aesthetic spaces. My home design journey is definitely a trial and error process where I'm learning and changing my design style as time goes by. 

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What are some of your biggest inspirations for your design decisions in your home?
I find inspiration in many different places. I love browsing Pinterest for interior designs that speak to me, and I save them for future reference. I also look to my fellow home Instagram community for DIY project ideas. Amber Lewis, Leanne Ford, Nate Berkus, and Jeremiah Brent are designers that really inspire me as well.

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You’ve created what most of us consider a perfect, calming, neutral space, and everything blends beautifully together. How do you decide if something is a good fit for your space? Do you have any sourcing techniques you can share? 
Thank you so much for your kind words! I usually start with a photo of my current space and use the app Canva to collage any new pieces into the space. This helps me better visualize new additions to determine whether they are a good fit. I source items through Pinterest and always browse different furniture sites online for ideas. I could spend hours browsing online, looking for unique pieces to add to my home. 

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Can you tell us a little about your thought process when designing your Norse piece?
I love that Norse allows me to design a unique piece at an affordable price for the home. I knew I wanted to go with a design that had a minimalist aesthetic. I debated whether to go with a simple white and oak combination but opted to add a subtle pop of color with the silver sage fronts in the end. The Cornelia pulls added a beautiful, unique touch to the drawers as well. I'm so happy with the combination I chose. It is definitely a unique, stand-out piece in our home! 

@ohhomee on Instagram

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