Stunning IKEA hacks that are game-changers for your functional home

Swedish retailer IKEA is one of the most successful furniture companies in the world. Ikea furniture is known for its clean lines and a basic design that allows itself to be hacked in many forms. Some customizations are cutely simple, while others are more advanced or elaborate. The best part about buying IKEA is getting a lot of bang for your buck. Each piece can be used for multiple purposes in several different rooms.

Wouldn't it be great to move away from that cookie-cutter look without breaking the bank? Our dedicated Norse experts have gathered their favorite customer hacks to show some unexpected ways to transform your IKEA Bestas. Check out these varying ways to customize the Besta frames for storage to fit your needs and aesthetic.


Mudroom masterpieces

The first part of your home sets the tone for the energy felt throughout the house. Our customer Andrew Jose's innovative mudroom bench using 25" and 15" white Marie fronts with black Agnes pulls blew us away recently. Our storage collections have always been versatile, but seeing it become an adorable and functional bench with drawers and doors was top-tier.

To keep the cabinets from sliding around, attach them with screws and clamps provided in your IKEA frame package. Then, you can use some old couch cushions or similar, and you've got a clutter-free entryway that's also a comfy place to sit.

Marie small and medium doors on Besta benches from IKEA
Image source: @ajose1989 on Instagram


Another customer gave us a new look we hadn't seen before. Anthony Damianos' entryway Besta is unrecognizable with perfect gray Frida doors and paneling, Kristina gold knobs, and under-lighting. This storage piece got a glam makeover in a matter of minutes. High-traffic areas can sometimes be hard to stay organized because it's usually smaller space but needs the proper storage. Having easy storage on the eyes, like this piece, is perfect.  

Marie doors and panels in perfect gray on an IKEA double Besta frame with added underlighting
Image source: Anthony Damianos


Dining storage to die to for

Influencer and interior enthusiast Clemence Mok's beautiful dining sideboard using silver sage Amelia doors and panels, a white oak top, and Cornelia chrome pulls had the whole Norse team drooling. Dining areas come in all sizes, so having both a compact and wall-mounted unit gave her space a more airy feel. The soothing colors and finishes she chose were just the cherry on top!Silver sage Amelia doors with a white oak top on a small IKEA Besta
Image source: @ohhomee on Instagram 


Functional home office

Finding practical yet stylish pieces for your home office can be hard. Designing custom furniture brings a whole new sense of control into your workspace. We spend countless hours seated at the computer, so design a desk you love. Customer Matt Cantor sent us his sleek workspace, made using charcoal black Astrid doors, Sara black legs, and a custom stone top.

Black Astrid doors on IKEA Besta frames with a custom stone top
Image source: Matt Cantor


Besta frames can create functional storage and hide any clutter you don't want to hinder productivity in the office. Jen, stylist and owner of Jen's Gathering Nest, created her ideal office using six 25" cane doors and Elisabeth brass knobs on two taller Besta frames. She added a custom wood panel in the center and turned it into a desk. Such a clever DIY hack!

A custom home office with 6 cane doors from Norse Interiors on taller Besta frames from IKEA
Image source: @jensgatheringnest on Instagram  


Multi-Besta beauties 


Connecting multiple Besta frames allows you to create a longer sideboard to fulfill all your storage needs. Michael Coppa from Brooklyn created a wall-to-wall unit for his living room. His old Besta configuration got a new look using silver sage Marie frontswhite oak paneling, and Ilse black legs.

A long wall-to-wall Besta sideboard using white oak paneling and silver sage Marie doors
Image source: @bkcoppa on Instagram 


One of our Canadian customers, Dino, made his daughter's playroom dreams come true with stacked Besta frames, Eleanor doors in perfect gray, and Elisabeth brass knobs. We love using customized IKEA in children's home areas because you get a sturdy foundation with a beautiful exterior that can foster creativity and organization in the space.

Eleanor doors in perfect gray on stacked Besta frames from IKEA
Image source: @dinov_canada on Instagram 


Don't hide that you're an IKEA hacker! We'd love to see photos if you've customized your IKEA unit using Norse products. Tag us on Instagram and use #norseinteriors so we can repost your one-of-a-kind storage piece. 



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