Adjusting IKEA cabinet hinges in three easy steps

Did you know that you can adjust IKEA's Besta cabinet hinges in height, depth, and width? You can, and it's easy once you've figured out how to master them for optimal Scandinavian design

Not all floors are perfectly level, which is why you might need to adjust the hinges to level the doors and also achieve consistent spaces between the doors. IKEA's hinges have three screws that control the height, depth, and width by loosening or tightening them. 

As easy as 1-2-3

When you are adjusting the doors, you should never touch the screws that are used to attach the doors to the frame. Instead, focus on the screws marked in the illustration.

Adjusting IKEA hinges

1) The first one moves the door up and down, allowing you to adjust the height of the door. You can decide if you want it closer or further away from the top panel.

2) The second screw has dual purposes. By loosening it completely, you can take the hinge apart, allowing you to attach one part of the hinge to the frame, and one part of to the door before connecting the two. Once you've put the hinge together again, you can decide how far out your door should be from the frame.

3) The third one makes the most significant impact when adjusting your door, straightening it, and evening out the gap to other doors. Adjust this one with a very gentle touch. You tighten this screw by turning it to the left, which may feel counterintuitive. By turning it to the screw to the left, the right side of the door will move upwards.

With small adjustments, you will achieve a perfectly leveled result. If you prefer watching a video on how to do it, check this out:


Our Besta and Sektion door fronts are pre-drilled for the IKEA hinges, and our Malm fronts are drilled and ready to completely replace the drawer fronts included on the dressers/nightstands. 

Once you get the frames (with no doors for a zero-waste upgrade, if possible) directly from IKEA, select your design pattern, finish color, and accessories from Norse. You can get everything from Norse and IKEA shipped right to your door. After a quick assembly, adding our fronts and accessories to the bare IKEA pieces, you have furniture crafted just for your space.

If you're adjusting hinges for IKEA Sektion pieces, check out this Sektion hinge tutorial. Check out our broader How it works page for more details on customizing IKEA pieces. 



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