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Boho chic interior style guide

The boho style is a no-rule interior design with a carefree layering of pattern, texture, and color. The boho aesthetics embraces creative and unconventional décor, full of natural elements, life, and culture. Opting for carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color, earthy hues paired with neutrals or warm colors make for a cozy-chic boho interior. Boho chic home decor adopts the unusual and bold items from traditional Bohemian decor and combines them with trendier elements, ethnic patterns, colors, and textures. 

Natural cane weave is a staple in boho interior design, so our pale blush cane sideboard is a feminine and earthy piece that’s perfect for the space. This area rug from Etsy under a rattan chair from World Market mix textures that compliment each other in a free-spirit style. Lighter-colored sofas like this sleeper from West Elm are good options when sticking to soft palettes. Getting statement wall decor like a three-piece wall art set from Etsy and pairing it with a cute structureless wall shelf from Aesthetic Roomcore add light and airy decor, keeping your space welcoming and looking tied together.



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